Library closed 12/10/11

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Unfortunately the WYSL has to close for drop-in help and advice tomorrow due to ill health. If your carrier is due back this week you are welcome to an extra seven day rental free of charge, so all carriers due back 12/10/11 will now be due back 19/10/11 and so on. Basic rentals, renewals and returns can be managed if necessary, I have nothing catching and will be at home but need to do as little as possible. Please contact me in the morning on 0113 2100855 if you wish to return or renew a carrier tomorrow. I apologise for any inconvenience and will hopefully be open next week as usual.


A special guest in the library

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The WYSL is happy to welcome a special guest tomorrow! Mari Greenfield, who trained at Trageschule UK at the same time I did, will be running the library for part of the day. Mari is very experienced in choosing and fitting carriers and it will be lovely to have an extra pair of hands. All rentals, advice, and returns will run as normal all day.

The library will be closing at 3pm on Wednesdays from now on, as it must fit in with school hours. As always, should you need an appointment outside drop in hours please just give the library a call to arrange this on 0113 2100855 or consider booking a consultation.


And a word from our supporters…

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Two new carriers have arrived in the library with the addition of two new library supporters. I am proud to have the backing of some of the best and most knowledgable online carrier businesses there are and these two are no exception.

Slingjax sold me one of my first ever carriers and it arrived within 18 hours of ordering, I am happy to announce that they will be offering a discount to all WYSL customers from now on. To celebrate, they have generously donated a Napsack Baby mei tai in one of their newest and most beautiful prints, and it has already gone to a new temporary home out of the library today!


The WYSL is also happy to welcome a brand new Sleepy Wrap Classic in brown, courtesy of Slumber-roo. Slumber-roo have been working hard to create a carrier store and library locator on their website, which should be a great resource to parents looking to source slings and carriers in the future, both locally and online.


A peaceful and organised day

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Drop-in worked very well today with everyone spaced out nicely. So, apart from my small chaotic child, we managed very well. The Wompat and Olive Bondolino came home and were replaced by the Aubergine cord Connecta and Opitai half buckle. The navy Moby was returned but both Moss and Ocean went to snuggle some little squishy babies who fell asleep like magic when wrapped. The petrol Manduca returned and the Bondolino went out again after spending only one hour here.

It’s wedding season so there is a rush on ring slings and pouches, with a Melkaj pouch and Didymos colourgrown waves ring sling amongst others out attending nuptials. I have advance warning of several upcoming needs for outfit-matching carriers! Here are some sling wedding pictures to brighten your day.

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A busy week in the library

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We had a fun drop in session on Wednesday and several people popped in to talk slings on Thursday, too. This morning I saw a lovely couple and their squishy baby all the way from Hull. It’s great fun helping others to get excited about carrying.

The new two tier rental scheme seems to be working well so far. I am glad it gives parents so many new options.

The new carriers in the library this week include a new Bondolino in the colourway I always wanted – black with red piping. That means the library nowhas four Bondolinos.

And also, a brand new Kozy carrier in ‘orangedale’ on brown straps, reversible to plain brown. It’s the first Kozy for the library, and they are known for being sturdy and comfortable baby and toddler carriers.


The West Yorkshire Sling Library is changing…

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The library has grown quickly, amazingly so. From a few left over carriers to the vast collection of today in a couple of short months. Today the library received its 75th carrier, and all are available to the parents of West Yorkshire and surrounding areas to help them meet their childrens’ needs in comfort and style.

So I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has visited the library, or supported the library, so far. I’d also like to thank our wonderful library supporters who make finding a carrier to buy easy and simple, with many offering a discount to library customers as well as quality advice and service.

Because the library has grown so fast, our policies, terms and conditions, and so on, have had to grow with us. From tomorrow (5th August 2011) all new policies will come into force and the library should run with more ease and accessibility, allowing more options for everyone.

From tomorrow, there will be three ways to access the library – via consultation, recommendation appointment and drop in sessions. You can browse the library online for up to date information on the carriers that are available. Consultations and consultation packages are available from as little as £3.25 per hour to help you with all aspects of carrying, or to buy as a gift. The library is now available to come into baby and toddler groups near you, or for consultations in your own home.

Rental options are changing too. Now we have two ways to rent – either fortnightly or four weekly. Prices will change too, but give more flexibility, allowing more carriers to be available more of the time, and for you to choose the rental period to suit you.

So please – come in and have a look at the new site. Read around the place. Look at the carriers. Count them. Be a part of one of the biggest sling libraries in the country, with some of the most beautiful carriers around. Join in and tell us what you think!

I’m a Maverick, Baby!

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I am always happy to welcome some new library supporters, the West Yorkshire Sling Library would not be what it is without them so I am pleased to announce the support of Maverick Baby – run by the lovely Ali Dover, Maverick Baby is the UK distributor of Easycare woven wraps – beautiful, strong and soft. Ali is a trained carrying consultant covering East Anglia, and her classy, modern website stocks an extensive range of slings and carriers.

Maverick Baby have chosen to donate a little bit of sunshine to the library, and will be offering all WYSL customers a discount in the future.

Presenting Easycare 01 – Rainbow. Coming soon.


So Close!

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The site is so close to being finished by the Aug 1st deadline!

On that day a lot of things will change in the library but we hope for the better. Our terms and conditions will change, rental prices and terms will change, this website will take over and of course, more carriers will come (there are always more carriers!)

The library session was good fun on Wednesday, thank you to all who came and I hope you’re getting on with your new carriers.

Tuesday and Wednesday were busy parcel mornings, adding an amazing eight new carriers to the library.

Here are a few pictures of some of our new additions – more to come!

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Well, it’s getting exciting round these parts!

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Not only do I have some possible interest from local baby shops (more information will follow in coming months, watch this space), I am booked in to complete the Advanced Trageschule course next month with Anne McEwan of Trageschule UK. I am hoping that the advanced course will consolidate my knowledge of the scientifically proven benefits to baby carrying, and give me the opportunity to work on my face to face consultation techniques. I already have a nice long list of preparatory work to do.

I’ve already been teaching carrying for a long time, four years now. I have been mostly self taught, and learned a huge amount through experience, but I have enjoyed becoming official through Trageschule. Here I am in 2008.

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I have also been asked to become a guest blogger on Natural Mamas forums, and am hopefully going to be relating some fun carrying anecdotes there.

Best of all, more news on the library expansion – two more Bondolinos, a Patapum and a Vatanai short wrap are on their way to the library. I hope to break the 70 carriers mark before this site launches on August 1st!

Work in Progress

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The library site is a work in progress but hopefully you’ll agree there is a fair amount of information here now.

The library is open tomorrow from 10-3.30pm. Has to be 3.30pm as I’m invited to go and meet my daughter’s reception teacher for next year.

Many more carriers are on their way to the library right now, including a Storchenwiege wrap, a Beco soft structured carrier, a Patapum soft structured carrier, a Hop-Tye mei tai and a new petrol Manduca to add to our brown butterflies.

Congratulations to our winner Helen Jonah who has a pair of rainbow babylegs on the way to her after winning our Facebook competition. For your chance to win in future competitions, make your way over to the WYSL facebook page and click ‘like’.

The library will be open throughout the school holidays, which means I will have my little sling apprentice here to help. Here she is showing her sling skills.