About WYSL

Hello! Im flattered you’d like to know more about us. I confess, the ’About Us’ page is one I nearly always click when visiting a new website. I like peoples’ stories, and they are especially interesting in the parenting products world, because so many wonderful inventions were born of necessity. So many clever, creative, and wonderful minds being applied to the basics of keeping a tiny human alive, and so many stories to tell. I’m Nicola, a mother to two, and I am the founder of The West Yorkshire Sling Library.

The West Yorkshire Sling Library became an official organisation in early 2011, but had existed unofficially for a few years before that. The desire to use slings and carriers came in late 2006, with the birth of my daughter.

What People Say About Us

Saved my back – and my sanity!


Really helpful – supported me through every stage. I am so happy now I can do more than just sit with my baby on my chest!


So helpful and useful! I booked a personalised session and learned so much in that hour. Thank you.


Let’s build something together.

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