Sling and Carrier Advice and Hire

We can help you to carry your children for as long as is 044useful to you, beneficial to them, and works for your family. An independent carrier resource based in Leeds and Wakefield, we have been working since 2011 to offer families safe and comfortable carrying solutions.

The baby carrying industry is largely web based, but using a carrier effectively, safely and confidently can often be easier with trained help or an experienced recommendation. The sling library has an extensive collection of hundreds of slings and carriers to try out, allowing you to borrow a carrier to take home to really see if that type works for you and your child. There are carriers in the library to suit newborn babies all the way up to pre-schoolers, and adults of all shapes and sizes.

There is help to get the most out of the carrier you already have, from experienced and trained advisors, as well as the opportunity to try something new and different. The West Yorkshire Sling Library is one of the largest sling 100_2032library resources in the country, and has been used to help thousands of parents from miles around.

Hire a carrier for a holiday, wedding or special occasion, get help with a carrier you already have, or try before you buy and enjoy discount from our trusted library supporters.

We offer one to one sessions based on your needs, to help you carry safely right from the start, or to learn something new and useful. If your family has additional needs or requirements from a carrier, we can help you find something to suit.

How to Visit – see details of our free drop in sessions at venues in Leeds and Wakefield.

Book a 121 Session – start with a 121 appointment designed around you.

Browse the sling library collection online and see what we have available.

Register with the sling library – making rental at sessions faster and easier.


Or call us on 01132100855 for any queries.


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