How to Visit

The sling library runs in two ways – you can choose between our drop in services, or make an appointment just for you.

Our Drop In services are free to attend, regular, and use a variety of venues which might be more local or convenient for you. You do not need an appointment to attend Drop in services, and you can use them as often as you like. Drop in services are run by carrying consultants and peer supporters who have undergone training in safe sling and carrier use. Most are very experienced at helping others to fit carriers well, and all use carriers with their own children. Most of our supporters at drop in sessions are volunteers who have their own children with them. Drop in sessions can be busy, and we have to ensure time to see everyone, so the amount of time we can spend with each family will be limited by how many families attend on the day. We’ll always ask for your patience at busy times.

Appointments can be made at the sling library house which is in Farsley, Leeds. We offer at least one day per week bookable for appointments. We charge for the appointment service, working with you to decide what length of time you will need for the things you’d like to try or skills you’d like to learn.


23 thoughts on “How to Visit

  1. Hi
    the sling library was recommended to me by a group of mums at a baby group. I have a 6 month old baby and I have tried a baba sling without success and i’m currently using a bjorn carrier which gives me backache. Would it be possible to visit you for help in finding a sling that is right for me.

    Kind regards
    Victoria Wood

    1. Certainly, Victoria. The library is open for drop-in sessions 10-3pm every Wednesday and you’re welcome to come along. Take a look around the site and the services we offer, specifically the How to Visit page. If you prefer, you can call on 0113 2100855.Looking forward to meeting you.

  2. Hi, I can’t see your address anywhere on the site – am I being blind?! Hoping to come along this Wednesday if that’s ok…

  3. Hi if an appointment is made outside of the drop in is this classed as an consultant. I am looking to hire a buckle sling but don’t need a consultant just a recommendation and wondered if you do weekends?

    Beth x

  4. Hi, I am having difficulty getting through to you on the telephone number and I was just wondering if there is a drop in session at the library today at all? Thanks in advance.

    1. My apologies for the confusion Jenny, the next drop in is weds 28th Nov, 10-3pm. I hope this message reaches you in time. I will update the site now for clarification and to avoid this problem in the future. I hope to see you next week.

  5. Hi,
    Myself &my friends are planning on coming to visit you this weds at your drop in session with our 15week old sons. You mentioned if it is your first visit to get in touch with you before so we can arrange to have a chat while we are there
    Many Thanks

    1. Hi Cassy

      We would love to see you at the drop-in. On your first visit we make sure you are aware of the need to leave a deposit in the library if you take a rental (there is no obligation to hire a carrier at drop-in) usually in the form of a cheque. We also like to let people new to the library know about the parking restrictions outside as they are badly signposted – please don’t park in marked bays. The drop-ins are sometimes busy, sometimes not, but we try to help everyone. It is possible to book private time if that is preferred. Other than that, welcome, take a look around, and if you have any more questions either email or give the library a call on 0113 2100855. Yours, Nicola

  6. Just wondered if you have any slings in stock suitable for plus size momma’s? Preferably a mei tai or a non stretchy wrap. Thanks in advance

  7. Just wondered if you had anything suitable for plus size momma’s? Either a size 7 non stretchy wrap or a mei tai at all?

    1. Hello! The library has plenty of carriers to fit all shapes and sizes. There are wraps available in sizes 2-7. The Storchenwiege Inka is a 5.2m length and Hoppediz Chicago a ‘maxi’ – 5.4m. There are many carries that can be done with shorter wraps also. Most of the buckle carriers and mei tais fit a good range, some with adjustable or accessory straps, but of course here is the place to try on several and get a good fit for you!

  8. Hi,
    I’d like to make an appointment for as soon as possible to look at slings please – when is your next drop in and where is it?
    Thanks v much

    1. Hello Charlie

      The next dropin session is Wednesday 1st May 10-3pm, at 19 Cote Lane Farsley Leeds LS28 5ED. The next Sling Social is Friday 3rd May 12-2.30pm at Pudsey Wellbeing Centre, Robin Lane, Pudsey. We offer private appointments out of these hours – if you have any questions please call 0113 2100855. Thanks, Nicola

  9. I’ve been looking absolutely everywhere for a suitable sling/carrier for a forthcoming holiday with my 7 month old and have only just found out about the library! We go on holiday 10th June and would love to try some out and rent ond from you at some point next week? Should I arrange a consultation with you given short notice or make an appointment for the weds session? Many thanks, Catrin

  10. Hi there,I live in Bramley. I have two girls of 2 and 8 months,each of whom have been carried in slings. I have a walking back carrier for my 8 month old but would really like to try out a sling which I can use on my back every day. Please could I come to the drop in.session tomorrow?

    1. Hi Rebecca – absolutely. The library session runs at 55 Thornfield Avenue, opposite the shops on Farfield Avenue, Farsley, Leeds – LS28 5HL. We are open 10-3pm, drop by any time. Please bear with us this week , we are newly moved and renovating. If you feel you might want to take a carrier away with you please bring along a deposit (cheque preferred, cash by arrangement). Any questions please call 0113 2100855. Yours, Nicola

  11. Hello
    I’m currently using the Closer Caboo which I love for how quick it is to slip on n off. It’s just feeling a little saggy for my chunky 4 month old who is now 20lb and I was looking to try out a Rose and Rebellion, it looks fairly easy for back carries, hope you can help.
    Thanks Clair.

    1. Hi Clair,

      No problem, we can help you find something that will work for you. The library session runs at 55 Thornfield Avenue, access and parking is from opposite the shops on Farfield Avenue, Farsley, Leeds – LS28 5HJ. Drop by any time between 10-3pm. If you feel you might want to take a carrier away with you please bring along a deposit (cheque preferred, cash by arrangement). All library services – advice, try ons, rentals swaps and returns are also available at the Sling Social sessions – the next is Friday 20th Sept 12-2.30pm at Pudsey Wellbeing Centre, first floor, turn right out of the lift. Any questions, or to check carrier availability on the day that you come along to avoid disappointment, please call 0113 2100855. Yours, Nicola

  12. Hi Nichola
    Thanks for getting back to me. Sorry if I’m being thick but am I right in thinking you have all the slings to try at your home as well?
    Also how much is the deposit and is cash ok? (Although I’m thinking maybe I should order a chequebook, it’s the 2nd time I’ve needed one this week!)

    1. Hi Clair, We do have the carriers available to try at drop-in every Wednesday, yes – a different selection every week depending on what’s going out and coming in that day. We ask for a £30 cash deposit if cheque is not available, but cheque is preferred. Drop in runs every week from 10-3pm at 55 Thornfield Avenue, Farsley Leeds LS28 5HJ (access is from Farfield Avenue and we ask you to park outside the shops over the green opposite so as not to clog the area for our neighbours). You are welcome at either session. Yours, Nicola

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