The sling library offers regular free sessions designed to help anyone with questions about carrying their children. It is a base for rentals, swaps and returns, and sees a lot a families, up to 100 families a week in busy periods in 2017/8. It needs to serve the needs of many and as such group demonstrations and quick fittings are all it can offer – giving people the chance to take things home and learn ‘on the job’. Because of the limitations of drop in sessions, we also offer private, tailored 1-2-1 appointments at the sling library house in Leeds (LS28).

One to one sessions are necessarily designed around what you need to see, and booking even a short time 1-2-1 can be of great benefit especially when new to carrying. They are ideal if you are aiming to carry your baby frequently, for long periods of time, or if you are anxious to understand the physiological and psychological reasons behind carrying. The most common reason for booking a consultation is physical help with learning to carry your baby. Like any other skill you learn with your body, the best way to absorb the information is face to face with a knowledgable person trained to convey that knowledge to you as an individual. Trying before you buy and getting personalised recommendations from an unbiased source can also help save you money in the long term.

Our bookable appointments run at least one day a week. To request to book email or fill out the form at the bottom or this page.

RECOMMEND AND FIT – up to 30 minutes – £20

An extended private version of the sling library service, it is designed to chat briefly about what you need, recommend something for you specifically, try it on and fit it well. This session includes up to four weeks of standard carrier hire*.

INTRODUCTION TO CARRYING – up to 60 minutes – £30

Our most commonly booked session. An introduction to what makes carrying safe, comfortable and beneficial for your family, with a small range of carriers to try that have been picked out as specifically suited to your needs. Includes up to four weeks of standard carrier hire*.

INTRODUCTION TO BACK CARRYING – Up to 90 minutes – £30

Carrying your baby on your back can open up a whole new world but can feel daunting to begin with. Our hour long introduction to safe and comfortable back carrying is designed to help you get started. When booking this session, please ensure that your child has met the minimum age, weight and development milestones for the back carry position in the carrier you wish to use – contact us if you are not sure. Carrier hire optional.

TWIN CARRYING – 60 mins (plus up to 30 mins free) – £30

Two babies mean twice the carrying options and it can take longer to roll through them all, so we offer parents of multiples an extra long session if needed. We have twin specific carriers, for babies of all ages, and many combinations of carriers which can be used together or flexibly to carry one or both babies. Includes two weeks of carrier hire* of one twin-specific carrier or two standard carriers.


If you, your baby or your family have health or mobility needs, there are often additional requirements from a carrier or carrying relationship. We have experience of fitting carriers for families with a wide range of additional needs – including premature babies, babies in orthopaedic corrective treatment, families who use wheelchairs or mobility aids for adults or children, sensory impairments, and families with children undergoing surgeries or extensive hospital treatments. Includes up to four weeks of standard carrier hire*.


Ideal for a group of friends or social event – especially suited to those with babies of the same age. We can arrange to run a tailored session for you in an agreed venue, and include carrier hire for each attending family (minimum 6 families). If you have an existing baby or toddler group, postnatal group or would like to host your own personal sling library, contact us to see how we can help.

*Terms and conditions apply.

**For families in special circumstances this amount is a suggested donation that allows us to run this service. Other sling library users can also donate toward our provision of this service.









“Nıcola was absolutely brıllıant at teachıng me about wraps when I was expectıng. It was the lıttle thıngs that helped such as tıghten the wrap sectıon by sectıon and how to adjust a slıpknot – These lıttle trıcks really helped get a comfortable carry. Enthuastıc but not overpowerıng. Approachable and frıendly. I never hesıtated to ask any questıons no matter how daft ıt seemed as I knew I would get a well thought out and helpful response.”

Catherine, 2011

“I don’t think there can be much Nicola does not know about carrying babies & children.  I have visited her a few times for advice and she is very helpful and friendly and always has the kettle on!”

Tania, 2011

“I have learned so much about wrapping from Nicola. She explains everything really clearly and makes things easy to understand.”

Sarah, 2011

 Nicola has lots of patience with ‘someone’ who has no patience with themselves!

Jo, 2011

4 thoughts on “Appointments

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    Joanna Grogan said:
    July 6, 2012 at 9:37 pm

    hi I have a moby sling I used with my baby until about 10 months at the front. she s now 14 months and would like to get into carrying on my back ? I’m finding the moby too tricky to do on my back after watching you tube and trying it several times! just need some help also I live in Brighouse so wondered if I lived too far away for the library?


    Helen said:
    October 26, 2013 at 11:21 am


    I am looking for a sling for my 1 year old so that we can go out to more adventurous places with my 3 year old. Can I book a meeting sometime soon…?

    All the best,


      wyslinglibrary responded:
      November 12, 2013 at 11:47 am

      Hello Helen – I apologise for the delay in reply, I’m afraid WordPress and my email have not been getting along and I’m playing with the settings, which is making all kinds of messages appear. Have you been along to one of our sessions in the mean time? If not, and you are still interested, I am happy to send you details through. Do feel free to call on 0113 2100855. Just let me know – yours, Nicola.

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