FAQs about our drop in sessions


Do I have to pay to come to drop in sessions?

We never charge people to come to drop in sessions, and you are welcome to come as often as you like. We often put a donation tin out toward room hire, but this is entirely optional and only there if you’d like to add something. One of our venues, Ossett, is a soft play area and so entry fees apply for their service.

Are the carriers available to try on and take home at drop in sessions?

We always have a selection of carriers for fittings and hire at every drop in session. The collection that will be there depends on the day of the week and the team that is running the session you choose, but we always have a wide range. You can take them home on the day.

Can I just come along to drop in sessions or do I need an appointment?

We know what babies are like, and that’s why we run drop in services rather than trying to commit people to a certain time or day. No need to book, just roll in and you’ll be welcome. Obviously this means that some days will be busy, and some quiet. We’ll ask for your patience if you happen upon a busy day. Joining our hire service online in advance is a great time saver, so if you can do that before you come, or even on your phone as you wait, we’ll be grateful. Here is the link you need.

FAQs about carrier hire


How much does carrier hire cost?

Our standard hire fees are £10 for four weeks of hire. Most people choose this four week option as it is excellent value.

Our bulky carrier hire fee is £15 for four weeks. This applies to most of the framed or backpack style carriers. This is to reflect the greater cost in storing and transporting these bulky items, as well as the increased cost of cleaning as they do not fit in the washing machine.

Our twin carrier rate is £15 for four weeks of hire.

Occasionally, hire fees are different. Notable cases include if you renew for a period which is less than four weeks – we charge £3 for an extra week or part week of hire up to a maximum of three weeks additional hire. Extra weeks are only available as part of a longer hire period.

Can I renew my carrier hire without coming in to a drop in session?

Yes, you can. Just hit reply on your hire email, or contact us on wyslinglibrary@outlook.com. We will process your renewal for you and you’ll be sent a renewal date in the usual way.

Do you take a deposit?

In order to hire we ask you to provide debit card details, which are stored securely using the Stripe payment system as a deposit. They can also be used to pay hire fees at sessions, or renewal fees without coming to drop in yourself.

Can you hire more than one carrier at a time?

Yes, and many people do. All we suggest is to make sure you will have enough opportunities to use the carriers within your hire period to get the most from your comparison. Other than that, you can hire as many at a time as you like.

Can I take my hired carrier on holiday or out of the country?

Absolutely, as long as you send us a picture of you using it in an exotic location – we love to see our carriers travel the world. Seriously, though, you are responsible for returning the carrier to us, so if you want to take it abroad then do so. Have fun.

I’m not enjoying the carrier I have on hire, can I change it for another?

Yes, come to any of our drop in sessions and we will change your hire for you for something else, for no extra charge. Remember, we want you to enjoy your carrier hire. We want you to love it and be comfortable in it. That’s our job. So you can swap as often as you would like to, whether you’ve three weeks or three days of hire left.

We regret that that we cannot offer refunds on hire fees.

Can I buy this carrier from you?

In most cases, we will have to say no. We are not a retailer and many of our hired carriers are offered to us at lower rates as samples or demo models for hire. It would not honour the arrangements we have with the retailers and our sling library supporters if we sold them on. Sometimes however, a carrier is due to retire from our library. At which point it will need a new, loving home. So do ask, and see what we have for retirement, but in most cases we need to keep our carrier collection whole.

FAQs about carrier return


Can I bring it back early if I can’t make the return date?

That’s no problem. Bring your hire carrier back to any WYSL drop in and we’ll check it in for you. Unfortunately we can’t offer partial refunds.

Can I bring it back to a different drop in session location to the one I hired it from?

Yes, as long as you return it to the hands of one of our WYSL helpers, it’s fine to choose a different or more convenient Drop in venue.

Can I post the carrier back?

It is fine to post the carrier back to us. Please allow enough time for it to be delivered before it’s return date and don’t allow it to fall overdue. Consider your method of postage to offer enough insurance, keep your proof of posting, and package your hire carrier well to avoid damage. The carrier is still your responsibility until it is checked back in to us.

Please post to this address, with no alterations or differences – the post office doesn’t let me pick up packages addressed to Sling Lady because it doesn’t match my ID…

WYSL c/o Nicola Lawson

55 Thornfield Avenue Farsley Leeds LS285HJ

Do I need to wash my hired carrier before return?

Not usually, but we do appreciate it if you’ve time to sponge it down and make sure there is no obvious baby sick, mud, or other marks. Equally though, we know many of our hirers wear the carrier in order to visit us, and wear another one home, so it’s not always possible. We can take care of the laundry, for the most part.

Please let us know if your hire carrier needs special laundering – for instance if it has been in contact with an infectious disease e.g. Chicken Pox. We keep our babies safe using NHS guidelines, and we will quarantine and launder it appropriately.

What happens if I bring it back late?

We’ll send you an email reminder before your carrier is due back. If you miss your return date, we’ll try and contact you by phone. We usually want to check that everything is OK with you. If we can’t reach you and it’s more than a few days late, we’ll renew it at our standard four week hire fee, as per our terms and conditions of hire. We’ll still need to hear from you, as we will only do this automatic renewal for a limited period before we consider the hired carrier(s) lost and we will ask you to pay for the carrier to allow us to replace them. We are here to make life easier, however, so we will always ask you just to keep us updated and not let your hire fall overdue.



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