Videos, as promised!

Each week in the library I direct parents to the wonderful world of sling and carrier videos on Youtube – there are millions, some good, some bad, and some hilarious! I have created a WYSL collection of the ones I most commonly recommend, so you can watch again at home in instant replay with your WYSL carrier.

Visit the new Baby Carrying Videos page under the Wy Sling? tab at the top of the page.

In other news, the Attached Natural Parenting Fair was a wonderful success, so lovely to see so many library carriers in one place and so many happy carried babies and toddlers. There has been a run on buckle carriers recently, far and away the most popular in the month of February – perhaps it is the weather and not wanting those long mei tai and wrap straps dangling in the mud and rain!

The Connecta Baby Carrier has been far and away the most popular choice after their recent relaunch, and I know that many of the library visitors have been disappointed by the difficulty of getting hold of one to try. In response, I have increased the Connecta quota in the library from seven to nine, and I’m working on getting hold of a couple more to fulfill demand. Generously, Connecta Baby Carrier have increased their discount offered to library customers, now offering 10% off through their website.

The two new Connectas added are another funky-fur Antelope:

And a glorious Connecta Integra Carnival:

We were also pleased to see Becky from Sa-be Baby Wear at the Attached Fair, who donated a Sa-be stretchy wrap for use in the library, reversible red to black.



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