Baby Carrying Videos

Carrying your baby is often a choice which benefits from some support and help, both to learn the basics, then the tips and tricks that will help you carry comfortably for as long as it is useful to you.

For the initial learning process, here is a collection of baby carrying videos, helping you to build on the skills learned in the library until you are happy with the use of your WYSL carrier. Remember if at any time you are unsure about a tying method please call or come in to the library for full advice and support.

Stretchy Wrap with a young baby:

Back Carrying Methods with a Mei Tai (tie-on carrier):

Back Carrying Methods with a Buckle Carrier:

Front Wrap Cross Carry with a woven wrap:

How to tie a Slip Knot:

Hip carry with a Ring Sling:

Front carry with a Ring Sling

Remember to abide by safety advice given at all times.

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