Local library for local people

A warm place in the snow

Struggling in the snow? The library is opening for two special Snow Day! sessions this week – Monday and Tuesday 2-3pm – and offering free sling and carrier rental to Farsley Farfield parents*

Every morning hundreds of parents pass my gate with babies, toddlers and preschoolers, now is your chance to pop in and try something out. We have carriers available for the front, hip, back, that can carry children from premature baby to school age. Take the older ones sledging. Keep the little ones warm and close.

Live outside the area? The library session will open as usual on Wednesday 10-3pm, this offer is designed to help local parents get out and about on foot and I do not want to encourage unnecessary travel.

Any questions at all call me on 0113 2100855

* Carrier rental for the period of seven days. All carriers are subject to deposit – please bring a chequebook or cash deposit. You are responsible for the safety of the carrier and all users safety whilst in use.

Secondhand buying and selling

There have been several conversations in the library recently about how to, and where to, buy slings and carriers second hand in the UK.

Buying second hand can be a great option, if you know where to go and what to look for. Here is the West Yorkshire Sling Library guide to buying and selling second hand carriers.

– Know where to look –

There are plenty of second hand arenas in which you might expect slings and carriers to come up, and indeed they do arrive on ebay and other marketplace sites with fair regularity, as well as appearing amongst the bouncers and nappies at NCT sales and baby fairs. But there are online spaces which are dedicated to the buying, selling and trading of baby slings and carriers. These marketplaces come in several formats, so there should be one to suit you. On any given day, there are hundreds of second hand slings and carriers for sale in the UK – it’s just a matter of knowing where to look.

Natural Mamas forums and marketplace

If you’re a forum type of person, this is a natural parenting community with a wealth of information, support and expertise, as well as being a fun place to chat. If you’re not, so much, I would encourage you to give it a go – at very least drop in on the marketplace. All you need to join is an email address and to think up a username.

Natural Mamas

With a very active For Sale or Trade (FSOT) forum, it’s the biggest carrier sale arena based in the UK. It has a useful advanced search function if you are after something specific. It also has an In Search Of (ISO) forum where you can place advertisements for sellers to contact you with offers of carriers for sale. The forum operates a feedback system for buyers and sellers to leave reviews of transactions.

Slings and Things – FSOT and advice

This For Sale Or Trade arena is Facebook based, a closed group where members offer carriers for sale. At the time of writing the group has around 7,500 members and there is advice and help to be had as well as the open marketplace. If you’re Facebook-savvy, pop along and ask around to see if anyone has something that might suit at a price you like.


A little more old school, this is a Yahoo group, join up and list carriers for sale or trade, or advertise for things you wish to buy. This is a moderated group, although as with each of the above, the environment is buyer beware.

– Be buyer beware –

Although some of the marketplaces have measures in place which aim to protect buyers and sellers alike, no marketplace will ever be totally safe or problem free. Here are some hints and tips to help keep your transaction problem free.

– Make sure you are clear about the condition of the item before purchasing it. This includes asking for pictures or measurements where appropriate. If you are a buyer, it is worth enquiring about the provenance of a carrier in order to reduce the risk of buying a counterfeit (see below) If you are the seller, it is worth keping hold of your carrier history such as receipts if you bought new, and carrier accessories such a intruction booklets, DVDs, storage bags, additional straps and so on.

A new package can be great fun

– Most transactions use PayPal for sending and receiving payment. Provided you pay the Paypal fees this offers you a degree of protection when buying online. Please be aware that if someone asks you to pay without fees, or ‘gifted’ this protection ceases. If you need to dispute with Paypal you must open a dispute within 45 days of the transaction.

– If selling, retain your proof of postage at the very least, and consider sending recorded for an extra 75p. This mean your buyer must sign for the parcel on receipt. If you are a buyer, you can request this postage from the seller, you may need to negotiate or pay the extra on some items.

– Some marketplaces offer feedback systems. These are useful but a guide only.

– Some groups or lists are moderated and some are unmoderated. Please note that moderators are not police, and can only control the limited online environment. They can often help and advise with transactions and have a good working knowledge of the marketplace but can only impose sanctions within their online communities, if such is warranted.

– Test the safety of every carrier you recieve before use – new or second hand. Put stress on the carrier joins and stitching. Pull at it and examine the workmanship. If you notice anything that concerns you please do not use the carrier.

– Beware of counterfeiting –

There are several brands that are known to be regularly counterfeited – but the potential is there for anything to be copied and distributed in an illegal or immoral manner. Counterfeited carriers will not have been safety tested and could be dangerous to use. If something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Well made carriers command a decent price and carry a precious cargo. If you are unsure if you have bought a counterfeit the library can advise you.

counterfeit ErgoBABY

Here is a list of carriers currently known to be regularly counterfeited:

ErgoBABY – The Ergo Classic and Ergo Sport in several colours.

Freehand Mei Tai – specifically the ‘Nest’ design often sold as ‘minizone’.

Moby wrap – in many colours.

Beco – several models.

– Trading –

With many transactions, trading carriers is an option. Sometimes people just fancy a change and carriers can work better at different ages and stages. To offer your carrier for trade can allow you to try more carriers in a shorter period of time than buying and selling. Be extra careful with postage when trading, always send items insured and recorded to protect yourself. If you are unsure, asking the person you are trading with to send a picture of the carrier they have with an unusual object can ensure it is in their possession. Trading can feel easy and satisfying when done right, you can change your carrier for the price of postage and sometimes even make a friend in the process.

– Buy happiness –

The vast majority of transactions work very well with both parties pleased with the results. Slings and carriers have a thriving second hand market and you may well find yourself being a buyer and a seller at various points. Some of the boards and listing can seem daunting at first, as with any specialist online environment the old hands can easily lapse into acronym until the listings read as code. Remember that in all purchases your local sling library is happy to help and advise, second hand or new. If you have any questions about suitability, pricing, safety, counterfeiting or sale listings, feel free to get in touch.

Upcoming library drop-in dates and the festive period!

The library has been running with reduced services recently and we thank you all for your patience!

The drop in sessions will run at 19 Cote Lane, Farsley, Leeds LS28 5ED on the following dates:

Wednesday 28th November 10am-3pm

Wednesday 12th December 10am-3pm

Wednesday 9th January 2013 10am-3pm

Wednesday 16th January 2013 10am-3pm

and weekly from there.

The library will close for CHRISTMAS on 19th December 2012 and re-open on 9th January 2013.

Rentals taken out on the following dates will be extended free of charge to cover the holiday. Merry Christmas!

28/11/12 4 week rentals due back 9/1/13 – 2 weeks FREE

The Library Re-Opening – options for you

The library is due to re-open on Weds 3rd October 10am-3pm. We will open as planned but there are a few adjustments to be made – please bear with me!

Due to unforeseen circumstances I will have to run the library session myself on Wednesday – which I am happy to do but I will be assisted/encumbered by our new baby. Although I do have someone to help, I am changing the rules a little in order to hopefully make the session less busy.

I am offering anyone with a carrier due back 3/10/12 a free two week rental extension to 17/10/12 if you choose not to visit the library on Wednesday 3/10/12.

You may take advantage of this by leaving a message on the library phone (0113 2100855) sending an email (airetauriel@yahoo.co.uk) sending a message via the facebook page or contact page on this website. The offer is only available to those who contact the library in one of these ways to confirm before the end of 3/10/12. The offer is not valid with carrier swaps. The offer is not valid for carriers due back on any other date.

If you wish to come into the library anyway, we will be open and functioning, even with a 3 week old assistant, for returns, swaps, and advice as usual, although carrier stocks will necessarily be low. You are welcome to take advantage of the extension offer, or if that does not work for you, come along and we’ll be happy to help.

The library will run fortnightly instead of weekly from now until Christmas.

And the reason for all this disruption? Our lovely new baby Rosalind, born five days after I closed the library, in the bedroom with her big sister in attendance!



The West Yorkshire Sling Library is closed temporarily

For the month of September, the library is closed for maternity leave, with reduced services until the new year. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you have a library carrier and have any questions or issues during the library closure period you can contact Mari, a trained carrying consultant, on 07980 280153.

If your carrier is due back during September please return by post as agreed to Nicola Lawson, 19 Cote Lane, Farsley, Leeds, LS28 5ED. Please send by protected mail and retain proof of posting until the library re-opens on Oct 3rd.

If you are looking for general sling advice and help, the library will re-open for returns and queries fortnightly in October – 3rd, 17th, 31st.

There are many sling groups and places for help and advice both locally and online, there is a list of contacts below.

Thank you so much for all your best wishes and congratulations. Watch this space, and the library facebook page, for baby news! Which sling should be the baby’s first?


ATTACHED MAGAZINE – Yorkshire magazine for parents., frequent local events and fairs including Natural Parenting Fair, St Margarets Church Hall, Horsforth, Leeds, Sat 8th September.

HUDDERSFIELD SLING LIBRARY Open the 2nd Weds of the month and the 4th Friday of the month at the Nightingale, Lindley and Active Bodies, Chapel St, Hudds. Run by Yolanda Kenyon.

LEEDS ATTACHMENT PARENTING NETWORK – Group meets bi-monthly at St James’ Church Hall, Low Lane, Horsforth, Thursday mornings.

LEEDS SLING MEET – meets at Voodoo Cafe, Headingley, Sunday 9th September 10-12am.

MARI GREENFIELD – Babywearing consultant offering consultations in the Leeds, Bradford and Calderdale areas.. 07980 280153.

NATURAL MAMAS FORUMS Online (forum) sling help and advice.

NATURAL MAMAS SLING CLINIC – Facebook help from experienced sling users.

SHEFFIELD BABYWEARERS – bi-monthly meets, details on Facebook.

SHEFFIELD SLING LIBRARY – Library services in Sheffield running from September.

SHEFFIELD SLINGS – Sling group with regular social events in Sheffield.

SLING GUIDE – By parents, for parents, online impartial guide to baby slings and soft carriers.

YOLANDA KENYON – Consultant in the Huddersfield area. 07747 867065

YORK SLING LIBRARY – Library services in York. Meeting alternate Monday mornings at St Lawrence’s Children’s Centre, Heslington Road.

Big Changes to The West Yorkshire Sling Library Services – Please Read

As any of the more recent visitors may have noticed, the library is expecting a new demo baby in September. For anyone who hasn’t been in – yes, that means I’m pregnant, and due in a month!

Up until now the library services, drop in sessions and consultations have been running as normal, although in recent weeks I have provided myself with a chair! Obviously this will need to change soon to accommodate the new arrival and allow me some maternity leave. I will hopefully still be about at social parenting events during my leave but will not be in library mode! There are various changes that have been planned, and they will affect every library user in a different way, so please have a read through the plans for sling support in West Yorkshire in the months leading up to Christmas below.

In the mean time, I suggest every library visitor call or click before travelling, just on the off-chance Demo Baby decides to put in an early appearance or throw a complication at library services.

There will of course be an introduction when the baby arrives.

If anyone has any questions on library services during the period please don’t hesitate to call the library before August 23rd on 0113 2100855.


During the month of September, the West Yorkshire Sling Library will be CLOSED.  This means that the normal drop in sessions of 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th September will NOT take place, the carrying support help line and email service will not be available, carrier swap service will cease, and consultation or package appointments will be booked in for after the end of the month.

Carrying support during that time will be provided by other sling libraries in Yorkshire – Huddersfield, York, and Sheffield. Trained one to one consultations are offered by Yolanda Kenyon at Huddersfield and Mari Greenfield at Hebden Bridge. All the details of these providers are below, and available in hand out form in the library at the drop in sessions during August.

If you have a carrier due back during September, you will be able to return carriers during that time, but it will be drop-off or post only.

Alternatively, the library is offering reduced rental prices for the month of September, so you may choose to renew at a reduced rate.

Reduced carrier rental

To reflect the reduced services, WYSL is offering four week rentals for the price of two week rentals during the month of September.

If you have a carrier on loan already due back in the month of September you may call the library to renew that rental into Oct at the reduced rate, or return on schedule – carriers can be returned by drop off or recorded post during the month of September. Overdue carriers will be charged at normal rate when services resume in Oct.

If you take a carrier from the library on a 4 week rental between 8/8/12 and 14/8/12 inclusive:

These carriers would normally be due back between 5/9/12 and 11/9/12. The first four weeks will be charged at normal rate. You will be offered the chance on rental to extend these rentals at the reduced rate of £5, making them due back on 3/10/12. There is no obligation to do so, carriers can be returned by drop off or recorded post during the month of September.

If you take a carrier from the library on a four week rental between 15/8/12 and 21/8/12 inclusive:

These carriers would normally be due back between 12/9/12 and 18/9/12. The first four weeks will be charged at normal rate. You will be offered the chance on rental to extend these rentals at the reduced rate of £5, making them due back on 17/10/12. There is no obligation to do so, carriers can be returned by drop off or recorded post during the month of September.

If you take a carrier from the library on a four week rental between 22/8/12 and 28/8/12 inclusive:

These carriers would normally be due back between 19/9/12 and 25/9/12. The first four weeks will be charged at normal rate. You will be offered the chance on rental to extend these rentals at the reduced rate of £5, making them due back on 31/10/12. There is no obligation to do so, carriers can be returned by drop off or recorded post during the month of September.

If you take a carrier from the library on a four week rental on 29/8/12:

The rental will include up to an extra week free, making the carrier due back 3/10/12.

Two week rental periods

Two week rental periods will be unaffected by the above changes until 15/8/12, then become UNAVAILABLE from 16/8/12.


During October services will be reduced. The library will only be open to drop off, swap or support at these dedicated open times, which will be run by a team of library ‘guest supporters’. Should you wish to make a one to one consultation appointment these will be available from either Mari or Yolanda by appointment during the month of October.

Wednesday, October 3rd – 10am-3pm

Wednesday, October 17th – 10am-3pm

Wednesday, October 31st – 10am-3pm

Full details on October openings and locations will be available before the end of August.

November and December

I will be back in the library on Weds, November 7th 10am-3pm, and provisionally on a fortnightly basis until Christmas. One to one consultations with me will be available before and after library hours on library days. Services will continue from the other Yorkshire libraries and consultants throughout.

Local Sling Resources and Help

This information will be updated over the next few days to hopefully provide a picture of the sling help and support available in person, on the phone, and online. WYSL does not come with parenting ideals attached, the only criteria for use being your desire to use a sling or carrier for a day or a year! Having said that, some of these listed support groups are geared towards certain philosophies, yet all are welcoming and inclusive environments. In addition, those listed with a female slant are just as welcoming to all parents.

ATTACHED MAGAZINE – Yorkshire magazine for parents who trust their instincts, frequesnt local events and fairs including Natural Parenting Fair, St Margarets Church Hall, Horsforth, Leeds, Sat 8th September.

HUDDERSFIELD SLING LIBRARY Open the 2nd Weds of the month and the 4th Friday of the month at the Nightingale, Lindley and Active Bodies, Chapel St, Hudds. Run by Yolanda Kenyon, consultant offering one to one sessions in the area.

LEEDS ATTACHMENT PARENTING NETWORK – Group meets bi-monthly at St James’ Church Hall, Low Lane, Horsforth, Thursday mornings.

MARI GREENFIELD – Babywearing consultant offering consultations in the Leeds, Bradford and Calderdale areas, please call WYSL for further details.

NATURAL MAMAS FORUMS Online (forum) sling help and advice.

NATURAL MAMAS SLING CLINIC – Online (facebook) help from experienced sling users.

SHEFFIELD BABYWEARERS – bi-monthly meets, details on Facebook.

SHEFFIELD SLING LIBRARY – Library services in Sheffield running from September

SHEFFIELD SLINGS – Sling group with regular social events in Sheffield.

SLING GUIDE – By parents, for parents, online impartial guide to baby slings and soft carriers.


YOLANDA KENYON – Babywearing consultant offering consultations in the Huddersfield area.

YORK SLING LIBRARY – Library services in York. Meeting alternate Monday mornings at St Lawrence’s Children’s Centre, Heslington Road.

Carrying your baby, a discussion from the library to-day

There was a discussion in the library to-day which raised the ideas of what environment is ideal for a newborn baby – from the position in which their spines should ideally be supported, to the amount of time it is advisable to keep them carried, down to the idea of spoiling your new baby and allowing them to become clingy.

There are many wonderful articles available on the subject, many have been shard before but I’d like to link to a few of them here, with their conclusions and abstracts. Click on the links to read these articles in full.

Strollers, Baby Carriers and Infant Stress by Elizabeth Antunovic (2010)

“Europe seems to host the most pediatricians who recommend that, in order to avoid pressure on their underdeveloped bodies, newborns and infants lay flat on their backs in a stroller and not be carried. Yet, laying a young infant on his back alone in a stroller is actually physically and emotionally stressful and can be developmentally inhibiting. Being carried or worn in an upright position with proper leg support is not only developmentally sound but often preferable to mothers and babies alike. Upright carrying optimizes the physical, emotional and intellectual growth of your baby.”

Laying babies flat on their backs in a stroller is actually not easier on their necks, spines, hips, or their minds. Nature intended for babies to be carried. Upright positioning with proper leg support is the preferable position for your infant and is gentle enough not to physically stress even tiny three pound babies. A mother should trust what her heart tells her heart. By holding baby close to her heart she will not only be choosing the most beneficial and physically supportive method of bringing baby along with her, she will be providing the optimal environment for his psychological and emotional growth as well.”

The Second Nine Months: Exterogestation and the Need to be Held by Elizabeth Antunovic (2009)

“A joey stays in his pouch until his “exterior gestation” is complete and he is able to move away from his mother on his own. Like a joey, human infants are also born immature. In fact, human infants actually remain helpless longer than infants of any other species and like some marsupials must also go through a distinct period of gestation outside of the womb. Although birth may be seen as a separation of mother and infant, babies need anything but separation.  Nature intended that they be held on their mother’s bodies after birth until they complete their gestation out of the womb. This period of exterior gestation needs to be respected not just a sentimental matter but one that has a profound and major impact on an infant’s physical, emotional and psychological development.”

Science is reconfirming what the first mothers who stood upright knew intuitively- that her arms provide the optimal environment, after transition from womb to the world. Nature intended that a mother and her infant expect this unity and for that unity not to end at birth. Not only is a mother’s body is prepared and designed to continue the gestation of her baby after birth but her baby has biologically adapted to expect this for survival. Carrying a baby in arms or in a baby carrier provides this extended nurturing experience. By nurturing baby in a manner that represents the intimacy of pregnancy as closely as possible until this “exterior gestation” is complete the baby has access to all she needs to develop and grow physically, mentally, and emotionally into a secure and joyful individual.”

Hip Healthy Positions by STEPS Hip health charity (2012)

“During pregnancy a baby spends a long time tucked in the foetal position, in which both hips and knees are bent or flexed. After birth, it takes several months for the joints to stretch out naturally. Babies that have been in the breech (bottom first) position may need even more time to stretch out naturally.

To promote healthy hips, the baby should be positioned so that the legs are able to bend up and out at the hips. This position allows for natural and proper development of the hip joints. The unhealthiest position for the hips during infancy is when the legs are held with the hips and knees straight and the legs brought together, which is the opposite of the foetal position. The risk to the hips is greater when this unhealthy position is maintained for a long time and could result in hip dysplasia”

Crying for no Obvious Reason by Prof. Largo (2012)

“When we consider that the human infant has been carried around by its mother throughout the whole of human history, we must seriously ask ourselves, whether many children are able to manage in the first few months of their lives without constant physical contact with their mothers and other  familiar  adults.
Being left lying for hours as has been the custom with us since the beginning of industrialisation, i.e. for about 150 years, might have created a physiologically unnatural situation for the human infant which finds its expression in non-specific crying.  A recent study has shown, that repeated carrying for three hours per day leads to a considerable reduction of crying.”

Storchenwiege Baby Carrier Research by Dr Kirkilionis


–  Babywearing’s Healthy Benefits: Beyond Hands Free

Carrying your baby upright on your chest…

1. Enhances immunological protection 

2. Prevents ear infections and eases the symptoms of GERD

3. Regulates body temperature

4. Enhances lactation, the prevalence, and the duration of breast-feeding

5. Enhances growth/weight gain

6. Supports arousal regulation

7. Reduces apnea and uneven breathing patterns 

8. Stabilizes heart rate

9. Relieves Stress Reactions

10. Improves neurobehavior

11. Increases oxygenation of the baby’s body.

12. Provides longer periods of restful sleep

13. Mimics the environment of the womb

14. Saves lives

I hope you enjoy reading around the subject!


WYSL news

The sling library enjoyed the trip to Shipley to the Happy BIRTHday event last weekend – many thanks to the organisers. It was lovely to see so many happy carried babies and be at the centre of all the slinging action!

There have been several carrier changes in the library recently with a couple of slings leaving and a couple arriving. There will be more news on this and an update of the website catalogue over the next week or so.

The library is currently attracting huge levels of local interest which is just wonderful, and from next week when my studies finish I will be able to give it more attention and try to upgrade the services available. There will be opportunities to get involved with and have your say in the structural and service changes in the next week or two. The library and carrier information service is something I would like every new parent in the region to be aware of, so that everyone can have the carrying help they need as and when they need it – whether they choose to carry their babies for a day, a year or a decade! I am working towards getting the word out there, and increasing the range and depth of the library alongside. Hopefully one day everyone can get exactly the carrier they want the day that they want it – until this is achieved I ask for a little patience, it can take time to increase the collection and tailor it to the specific needs of local parents.

Currently over two-thirds of the library stock is out on loan, which is a huge amount. It’s a lovely though to think of them all being used out and about in West Yorkshire.

The website updates should allow me to add some reviews of the WYSL service. If you have a review, of the consultancy or library services, whether you popped in once or merely called for advice – if you would like to add a review please type up a few lines and send them to airetauriel@yahoo.co.uk. It is much appreciated. I’d love to see how I’m doing!

To whet your appetites, here is the library’s newest addition, the Ergo Performance carrier in lime green. A wonderfully neat and tidy carrier with sleephood, pocket and countoured straps, it is suitable for use with children up to 45lb/20kg in weight, and fits adults with a height range of 5′ to 6’5. Its special ‘Ripstop’ outer layer makes it showerproof and wonderful for use outdoors, with a soft inner for your child. Many thanks to ErgoBaby.


Library openings and closures…

A bit of news on the library opening times! I’m at home with my daughter who came home from school last week with chicken pox. Obviously we want to avoid passing this on to any library visitors, so please read below for the precautions in place this week.

As from to-day (Monday 26th March 2012) the library is open strictly by appointment onlyuntil further notice.

Drop-in Wednesday will be open as usual, with the poxy child removed from the premises.

All the carriers remaining in the library are in the process of being washed, and when washed, sealed into plastic bags and stored away from living areas or contact with the poxy girl. They will remain so until she is declared fit!

All surfaces in the library will be washed with antibacterial solution before the library opens.

This will restrict consultation hours, there are two appointments available this week – Wednesday 9-10am or Wednesday 4-5pm, but unfortunately no others.

In other news, the library will be CLOSED between 22nd-28th April. This means that all carriers rented this week (between 26th-31st March) will receive an extra week for free.

Right, back to my wash station! If anyone has any questions please let me know.

Bumps and Babies Pampernatal Event, Sunday 11th March

The West Yorkshire Sling Library will have a stall at the Pampernatal Event on Sunday 11am-3pm. With free entry, the show is aimed at parents-to-be, new parents and families, and is aimed at helping parents with their health, physical and emotional wellbeing, for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

The library will be there chatting to parents about how carrying your baby can benefit both your health and that of your baby, as well as increasing opportunities for exercise and getting out and about.

Carrying your baby increases your core strength and can improve posture. It can enable breastfeeding, bottle nursing and skin to skin contact. Babies carried upright avoid skull issues, being seated well in a carrier helps to prevent hip and spine problems, and babies who are actively carried increase their own core strength, with sling time counting as ‘tummy time’. Carrying your baby allows you to go anywhere your feet can carry you – across rough terrain, snow and ice, over stiles – everywhere from out for a quick walk with the dog to halfway up a mountain should you so choose.


In addition to the WYSL travelling sling clinic, the event includes:

Fitness Studio taster sessions
Mini treatments such as manicures & pedicures
Makeovers & Pampering sessions
Photography by Mark Swinford
Midwives Clinic
Live demonstrations
Complementary therapists offering taster sessions & treatments
Health professionals at hand with expert advice including Nutritional Therapist, Physiotherapist, Midwife
Unique services such as belly casting
Exclusive and elite gifts & products to sample & buy
Free goody bags by Aveda
Gaming area for dads
Event discounts & promotions
‘New Baby’ consultation packages will be available to buy on the day priced at £30 each. Rentals and returns will be accepted at the event. Please bring a suitable deposit.