The Library Re-Opening – options for you

The library is due to re-open on Weds 3rd October 10am-3pm. We will open as planned but there are a few adjustments to be made – please bear with me!

Due to unforeseen circumstances I will have to run the library session myself on Wednesday – which I am happy to do but I will be assisted/encumbered by our new baby. Although I do have someone to help, I am changing the rules a little in order to hopefully make the session less busy.

I am offering anyone with a carrier due back 3/10/12 a free two week rental extension to 17/10/12 if you choose not to visit the library on Wednesday 3/10/12.

You may take advantage of this by leaving a message on the library phone (0113 2100855) sending an email ( sending a message via the facebook page or contact page on this website. The offer is only available to those who contact the library in one of these ways to confirm before the end of 3/10/12. The offer is not valid with carrier swaps. The offer is not valid for carriers due back on any other date.

If you wish to come into the library anyway, we will be open and functioning, even with a 3 week old assistant, for returns, swaps, and advice as usual, although carrier stocks will necessarily be low. You are welcome to take advantage of the extension offer, or if that does not work for you, come along and we’ll be happy to help.

The library will run fortnightly instead of weekly from now until Christmas.

And the reason for all this disruption? Our lovely new baby Rosalind, born five days after I closed the library, in the bedroom with her big sister in attendance!



2 thoughts on “The Library Re-Opening – options for you

  1. I am desperate to try a sling for my 5 week old baby girl as I’m struggling to eat/do anything at home! Would it be ok for me to come along on Wednesday? I tried to contact your colleague previously but received no reply. Thank you x

    1. You’re more than welcome to come along, Naomi – that’s just the type of situation I am trying to keep the library running for! Please take a look at the How to Visit page and pay particular attention to the parking restrictions and deposit requirements before visiting. Look forward to meeting you.

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