Sling Socials – the library is growing and changing!

We have great and exciting news!

  • The sling library is offering new sessions, a new venue – more space, more time, more parking – and more tea and cake!

We are now lucky enough to be able to use a lovely room at Pudsey Wellbeing Centre for ‘Sling Library Socials’. All the usual library services – advice, rentals, returns, try-ons, sling chat – with the added benefits of space for little ones to run about, a play zone, free refreshments, sling chatter and peer to peer support. So you can come along for library services, carrying advice, to meet other parents and babies for a play, a chat, or just a sit down and a cup of tea! The Wellbeing Centre is central, next to the bus station, leisure centre and Pudsey Park, so great for a day out – or if you’re local, a great place for a baby pit stop if you’re out and about. The Centre itself has a great child friendly cafe on the ground floor – Cafe Lux – serving hot drinks, smoothies, homemade cakes and a range of sandwiches and cooked meals. The Centre is part of the Robin Lane Medical Centre and also runs a baby group (Tuesday 1-4pm) and breastfeeding group (Monday 9.30-11am) as well as being base for midwifery services, eye clinic, and all kinds of other community interest activities.

Pudsey Wellbeng Centre - our new venue.
Pudsey Wellbeng Centre – our new venue.

The Socials will offer a second opportunity for carrier rentals and returns, giving an alternate time and venue for those who cannot make the Wednesday drop-in session, and hopefully providing a fun event for library regulars and new visitors alike. We will provide tea, coffee and biscuits (but all cake donations will be gratefully received).

The first Library Social will run this coming Friday, 19th April 2013 from 12 – 2.30pm on the First Floor of Pudsey Wellbeing Centre, Robin Lane, Pudsey, Leeds, LS28 7DE.

Do you have a carrier due back this Wednesday 17th April?  You now have a two-day free extension to give you the choice of coming along Wednesday as usual or coming to see us in our new home on Friday 19th April.

The aim is to run the socials fortnightly to begin with, and see how the library adjusts to this new format. The Social sessions will not replace drop-in Wednesdays initially until the new pattern is established, and we get some feedback on the new services. ALL details of drop in sessions or socials will be posted here on the blog and on the library Facebook page before the event.

  • Further Changes

Now that library services are expanding, we are exploring ways to offer the best service possible to the most people in the times we have available. This will mean changes to pricing structures, open times and drop in services, which will be gradually implemented over April and May. These are being trialled and carefully thought out but we welcome any feedback on drop in sessions, rental services or private appointments – please feel free to get in touch.

From Thursday 18th April 2013, a new pricing system will be used. This will only affect new rentals and not renewals or swaps. Full details are below. As before, at drop in or social sessions, all advice and help is free.

Rental services – £6 for two weeks. £10 for four weeks. Rental fees cover the cost of carrier purchase, insurance, laundering, depreciation, storage and transportation.

New, improved, longer private consultations. £20 per 80 minute session. Why 80 minutes? Because, having done hundreds of 60 minute appointments, we have learned that that’s how long it takes! This is a cheaper hourly rate than the previous structure and each consultation includes one two-week rental.

Consultation package prices will remain the same with some small tweaks to improve the content. Please see the page for further details. All packages already purchased remain the same as printed on the voucher.

  • And to celebrate, some New Carriers (of course)

Over the next few days, I will be very happy to welcome some fabulous new slings and carriers to the new improved West Yorkshire Sling Library – and with even more to come! Pictures will follow as they land.

A beautiful Himmel Mei Tai and a funky Ellaroo Mei Tai. Another of the versatile Boba 3G buckle carriers in ‘tweet’ – for Easter! The Close Parent Caboo DX, a structured carrier from the makers of the Close Caboo. And the star of the show, the brand-new Beco Soleil, not yet available to buy in Europe, coming to join us for our unique sneak-preview courtesy of our generous supporters at Slumber-Roo.


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