Library openings and closures…

A bit of news on the library opening times! I’m at home with my daughter who came home from school last week with chicken pox. Obviously we want to avoid passing this on to any library visitors, so please read below for the precautions in place this week.

As from to-day (Monday 26th March 2012) the library is open strictly by appointment onlyuntil further notice.

Drop-in Wednesday will be open as usual, with the poxy child removed from the premises.

All the carriers remaining in the library are in the process of being washed, and when washed, sealed into plastic bags and stored away from living areas or contact with the poxy girl. They will remain so until she is declared fit!

All surfaces in the library will be washed with antibacterial solution before the library opens.

This will restrict consultation hours, there are two appointments available this week – Wednesday 9-10am or Wednesday 4-5pm, but unfortunately no others.

In other news, the library will be CLOSED between 22nd-28th April. This means that all carriers rented this week (between 26th-31st March) will receive an extra week for free.

Right, back to my wash station! If anyone has any questions please let me know.

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