WYSL news

The sling library enjoyed the trip to Shipley to the Happy BIRTHday event last weekend – many thanks to the organisers. It was lovely to see so many happy carried babies and be at the centre of all the slinging action!

There have been several carrier changes in the library recently with a couple of slings leaving and a couple arriving. There will be more news on this and an update of the website catalogue over the next week or so.

The library is currently attracting huge levels of local interest which is just wonderful, and from next week when my studies finish I will be able to give it more attention and try to upgrade the services available. There will be opportunities to get involved with and have your say in the structural and service changes in the next week or two. The library and carrier information service is something I would like every new parent in the region to be aware of, so that everyone can have the carrying help they need as and when they need it – whether they choose to carry their babies for a day, a year or a decade! I am working towards getting the word out there, and increasing the range and depth of the library alongside. Hopefully one day everyone can get exactly the carrier they want the day that they want it – until this is achieved I ask for a little patience, it can take time to increase the collection and tailor it to the specific needs of local parents.

Currently over two-thirds of the library stock is out on loan, which is a huge amount. It’s a lovely though to think of them all being used out and about in West Yorkshire.

The website updates should allow me to add some reviews of the WYSL service. If you have a review, of the consultancy or library services, whether you popped in once or merely called for advice – if you would like to add a review please type up a few lines and send them to airetauriel@yahoo.co.uk. It is much appreciated. I’d love to see how I’m doing!

To whet your appetites, here is the library’s newest addition, the Ergo Performance carrier in lime green. A wonderfully neat and tidy carrier with sleephood, pocket and countoured straps, it is suitable for use with children up to 45lb/20kg in weight, and fits adults with a height range of 5′ to 6’5. Its special ‘Ripstop’ outer layer makes it showerproof and wonderful for use outdoors, with a soft inner for your child. Many thanks to ErgoBaby.


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