Local library for local people

Struggling in the snow? The library is opening for two special Snow Day! sessions this week – Monday and Tuesday 2-3pm – and offering free sling and carrier rental to Farsley Farfield parents* Every morning hundreds of parents pass my gate with babies, toddlers and preschoolers, now is your chance to pop in and tryContinue reading “Local library for local people”

Secondhand buying and selling

There have been several conversations in the library recently about how to, and where to, buy slings and carriers second hand in the UK. Buying second hand can be a great option, if you know where to go and what to look for. Here is the West Yorkshire Sling Library guide to buying and selling secondContinue reading “Secondhand buying and selling”

Upcoming library drop-in dates and the festive period!

The library has been running with reduced services recently and we thank you all for your patience! The drop in sessions will run at 19 Cote Lane, Farsley, Leeds LS28 5ED on the following dates: Wednesday 28th November 10am-3pm Wednesday 12th December 10am-3pm Wednesday 9th January 2013 10am-3pm Wednesday 16th January 2013 10am-3pm and weekly from there.Continue reading “Upcoming library drop-in dates and the festive period!”

The Library Re-Opening – options for you

The library is due to re-open on Weds 3rd October 10am-3pm. We will open as planned but there are a few adjustments to be made – please bear with me! Due to unforeseen circumstances I will have to run the library session myself on Wednesday – which I am happy to do but I willContinue reading “The Library Re-Opening – options for you”

The West Yorkshire Sling Library is closed temporarily

For the month of September, the library is closed for maternity leave, with reduced services until the new year. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have a library carrier and have any questions or issues during the library closure period you can contact Mari, a trained carrying consultant, on 07980 280153.Continue reading “The West Yorkshire Sling Library is closed temporarily”

Big Changes to The West Yorkshire Sling Library Services – Please Read

As any of the more recent visitors may have noticed, the library is expecting a new demo baby in September. For anyone who hasn’t been in – yes, that means I’m pregnant, and due in a month! Up until now the library services, drop in sessions and consultations have been running as normal, although inContinue reading “Big Changes to The West Yorkshire Sling Library Services – Please Read”

Carrying your baby, a discussion from the library to-day

There was a discussion in the library to-day which raised the ideas of what environment is ideal for a newborn baby – from the position in which their spines should ideally be supported, to the amount of time it is advisable to keep them carried, down to the idea of spoiling your new baby andContinue reading “Carrying your baby, a discussion from the library to-day”

Library openings and closures…

A bit of news on the library opening times! I’m at home with my daughter who came home from school last week with chicken pox. Obviously we want to avoid passing this on to any library visitors, so please read below for the precautions in place this week. As from to-day (Monday 26th March 2012) theContinue reading “Library openings and closures…”

Bumps and Babies Pampernatal Event, Sunday 11th March

The West Yorkshire Sling Library will have a stall at the Pampernatal Event on Sunday 11am-3pm. With free entry, the show is aimed at parents-to-be, new parents and families, and is aimed at helping parents with their health, physical and emotional wellbeing, for pregnancy, birth and beyond. The library will be there chatting to parentsContinue reading “Bumps and Babies Pampernatal Event, Sunday 11th March”