Be eBuyer Beware! A must-read before you buy your sling or carrier online

It’s a great thing to have such a range of carrying products online, at your fingertips, and even better that you can just click to buy, and have your carrier delivered to your door. In lots of ways it is ideal, but in others it is difficult – buying online is buying blind, and itContinue reading “Be eBuyer Beware! A must-read before you buy your sling or carrier online”

Stretchy wraps and revamped Snugiwraps!

I’m a big fan of stretchy wraps – simple long lengths of material tied in ways designed to support newborns and small babies, taking the strain off the parent’s back, shoulder and arms whilst letting them be hands free. They can be pre-tied, meaning you can put it on and pop your baby in andContinue reading “Stretchy wraps and revamped Snugiwraps!”

Back to basics – carrying on a budget.

1) Take two old T-shirts in your size with similar levels of stretch to the fabric. 2) Cut from armpit to armpit, as above. 3) Place each loop diagonally over your body to create a cross. 4) Sit your baby inside the cross and spread the fabric across them, from the back of the kneeContinue reading “Back to basics – carrying on a budget.”

A Day in the Life of a Sling Librarian

The more I work in this very specialised little area of child care, the more I realise that the majority of people I come across, prior to meeting me or coming to the library, have very little idea of what I do or what a sling library is actually for – what possible value couldContinue reading “A Day in the Life of a Sling Librarian”

Special Events and Christmas Opening – Merry Christmas to all with free extended rentals!

I don’t know how, but it’s got to that time of year again when I realise, all of a sudden, I need to think abut Christmas rentals and opening hours – as well as planning some parties! This Wednesday marks the ominous ‘4 weeks until Christmas!’ mark and any carrier taken out this week wouldContinue reading “Special Events and Christmas Opening – Merry Christmas to all with free extended rentals!”

Apologies for recent communication issues

Hello everyone, I would like to apologise for some of the recent communication issues in and around the library. These have mainly stemmed from an email notifications change around the WYSL site. I have been working on it all day to-day and I am hopeful that these issues are on their way to being resolved.Continue reading “Apologies for recent communication issues”

International Babywearing Week Mega Raffle

As one of the few things we have up our sleeve for International Babywearing Week 7th-13th October 2013, we have a great raffle for you to enter at our sessions over the next few weeks! Tickets cost just £1 and are available at all drop in sessions and Sling Socials. Here are some of theContinue reading “International Babywearing Week Mega Raffle”

Directions to the new library address – 55 Thornfield Avenue Farsley.

The new library address is 55 Thornfield Avenue, Farsley. SAT NAV USERS – The best postcode to use is LS28 5HL which will allow your Sat Nav to bring you up Farfield Avenue, which is far easier to get to, with much better parking, and much easier to get out of than the narrow cul-de-sacContinue reading “Directions to the new library address – 55 Thornfield Avenue Farsley.”