Why it is important not to ’round up’ your baby’s age

As I type my youngest child is three. It will be her fourth birthday next week. I’m resisting the urge to refer to her as ‘four’ or even ‘nearly four’. She is three, and I will only be able to say I have a three year old for another week. I’m making the most ofContinue reading “Why it is important not to ’round up’ your baby’s age”

All things being equal, the baby carrier industry is sexist.

I’ve started to write this several times, and I’ve always used too many words. Instead I’ve deleted the lot and put down two definite truths. Here they are. As a sling library we first and foremost offer choice, and try to make carrying accessible to all. One of the biggest barriers to doing this isContinue reading “All things being equal, the baby carrier industry is sexist.”

The Twelve Days of (Sling Library) Christmas

We are inviting anyone fancying a bit of a sing along to our Sling and Sing event in Leeds on Saturday 12th December. We’ll meet under the big tree in City Square at around 3pm, sing some lovely carols with our little ones keeping us warm and snug, and then have a walk around theContinue reading “The Twelve Days of (Sling Library) Christmas”

Why winter coats and slings don’t mix!

So the weather has turned cold and we’re all wanting to keep our little ones nice and warm – especially the ones who haven’t experienced a British winter before! So how is best to keep them snuggly and safe at the same time? There’s an article and video that gets shared around a lot atContinue reading “Why winter coats and slings don’t mix!”

An exciting new space for our Wednesday drop in!!

Thanks to being so fabulously busy with all you carrying parents out there, our drop in sessions are moving to somewhere bigger and better. SCRAP  is a social enterprise based in Farsley, Leeds which reuses waste materials from businesses and industry as resources for art and play. It is a large mill shop, packed toContinue reading “An exciting new space for our Wednesday drop in!!”