Welcoming WYSL Wakefield


This September sees us add a whole new chapter to The sling library in the form of our new Wakefield branch. The sling library name was always based on us sitting between Leeds and Bradford, but finding any amalgamation of those city names too clunky. So The West Yorkshire Sling Library was born, and now it is starting to live up to its name (of course we also have to shout out to other excellent local services such as the Huddersfield sling library and Carry Moor based in Ilkley!)

We’ve always been asked for more sessions and over time have moved from being entirely home based in 2011 to running the first out of home sessions – the Pudsey sling socials – in 2013. After that came other west Leeds venues in Farsley and Pudsey and then at beginning of this year we started our extremely popular Horsforth session. Just this summer we expanded to include a Kirkstall session at the lovely space provided by Kirkstall Children’s centre, and our first session in Moortown Tiny Toes was held in August.

I can tell you now that is a lot of slings and carriers to buy, a whole lot of heavy boxes to move, laundry to do and a lot of babies being carried! I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to see the sling library grow.

And now, a fanfare please. We’d like you to welcome not only a whole new session but a whole new team running a weekly drop in session in Wakefield. Nicki, Kirsty, Natalie and Helen have joined us to provide sling services to a whole new area. It’s a very exciting time!

What will change?

If you are local to our existing sessions, probably nothing. The only change you will see is that when you look up our in-stock carriers on our rental system you will now notice a location code below each one which will tell you where the carrier is based – at our Leeds locations or the Wakefield ones. We won’t be swapping the carriers around too much, so please don’t fall in love with one of the Wakefield carriers unless you are fancying a day trip.

If you are based in East or South Leeds, or Wakefield and surrounds, you might choose to come along to one of our new Wakefield sessions to join the fun. They will be running at Cloud 9 in Ossett every Monday between 1pm-2.30pm. They will be a base for carrier advice, rentals and returns. Simply using the search term WF on our online system here will show you the whole of the Wakefield stock. The new sessions have a small charge for entry of £1.00 per adult and 50p per child (babies in carriers are free).

To access our stock system please click this link

You can still contact us here using the contact us page or by emailing wyslinglibrary@outlook.com if you have any questions about our new sessions.

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