Bank holiday weekend closure

We are closing for the bank holiday weekend and our next session is at kirkstall on Tuesday.

If your carrier is due back this weekend it will be automatically extended for 7-14 free days of hire. If you hired from our WYSL Wakefield Outwood or Ossett venues, you’ll get a free week of hire until the next session at the same venue. If you hired from pudsey, you’ll get a free fortnight, for the same reason.

The renewal notices will go out via email tonight, if you would prefer to return on your original return date, use the contact us page and we will see what we can do. If you’d like some extra time, get in touch by responding to the email. If you’d like to return to one or our other sessions that’s fine too – check out our venues below. Returns by post are also fine.

Thank you for understanding and have a wonderful Easter!



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