Carrying in Special Circumstances – The Ergobaby Adapt

When I work with parents with special circumstances, it helps our community to share carrying solutions that work.

Recently I worked with a visually impaired family and the carrier which was selected was the Ergobaby Adapt. It has several features which made it work very well for parents without sight or with visual impairments.

The Adapt is a carrier which is entirely one unit, without separate pieces or removals extras. The hood is integral, yet folds away, and the carrier needs no insert or accessory pieces.

When adapting to newborns and young babies, the inner of the waistband uses a velcro fitting system which is very tactile. Although the guidance on age range is outlined on the carrier by coloured lines, suggesting different fits, the lines are embroidered into the Velcro, making them easy to ‘read’ – like Braille.

[Picture shows close up of ergobaby adapt carrier waistband. Three embroidered lines of thread in blue, yellow and red guide the sticky Velcro pad into place]


Another feature of the Adapt is the inner fabric of the carrier is different to the outer surface. The shell lining feels softer, which makes it easy to identify which part of the carrier you are handling by touch.

All of the buckles and head rest adjusters on the Adapt are placed on the body of the carrier within easy reach. The head rest adjusters are round, shiny buttons and immediately distinguishable from the rectangular, textured side buckles.

[Photo shows Ergobaby Adapt carrier headrest buttons in close up. Two black buttons and a padded headrest]


The wide set shoulder straps allow plenty of space for safe movement of air around the baby’s head and face, and make checking on the baby by touch easily accessible.

The carrier straps, when done up in the parallel configuration, allow the carrying adult to use the carrier without dangling ends or trip hazards.

We found this carrier to be a really favourable option to last from newborn to toddler, and that it has several really excellent features for use by those families with visual impairments.

Keeping babies close is always valuable, and getting the right carrier is important. When families have specific requirements from a carrier this is even more so. The Ergobaby Adapt worked so very well for the family in question they now have their own – everything from the audible click when the buckles sited, to the safety elastic, to the machine washability of the carrier seemed custom made for them.

[Picture shows woman dressed in white, in black ergobaby adapt. She is kissing her sleeping baby’s head and they are holding hands]


Here at WYSL we have had the privilege of working with families with all types of special needs, from early babies to disabled carers, multiples to children with life limiting illnesses. It’s all about matching the carrying solution to the situation, and in this case, it was a perfect match!

Many thanks to the family and to Ergobaby UK.

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