Back to basics – carrying on a budget.

Create your own

1) Take two old T-shirts in your size with similar levels of stretch to the fabric.

2) Cut from armpit to armpit, as above.

3) Place each loop diagonally over your body to create a cross.

4) Sit your baby inside the cross and spread the fabric across them, from the back of the knee to the back of the knee, making sure their shoulders and head are supported, depening on theage of your child.

5) Get a scarf or pashmina of a decent width and tie it around you as above.

6) Check your baby is in view, with the chin off the chest, and close enough to kiss.

We talk a lot about brand names at the library, but our most basic job is to help parents carry safely and comfortably, and that has nothing to do with brand names at all.

There are plenty of ways to support your baby without venturing into the world of commercial carriers. The majority of carried children the world over are carried in simple pieces of cloth. The same safety considerations apply whatever carrying aid you choose – homemade, mass produced, traditional, artisan – the libraries in the UK can help with all or any of these.

There are many reasons you might to choose to go back to basics with your carrying choice – to experience carrying on a trial basis, to see you through a tricky time with items you can find at home, because of budget restrictions, in an emergency or just out of curiosity.

I often give out sewing patterns for people wanting to make a Mei Tai, advice on creating your own ring sling (either sewn or no-sew) or finding fabric to create stretchy or fleece wraps from the haberdasheries and markets of West Yorkshire. I often carry my own baby in nothing more than a bath towel. It is not about the carrier you have, or even about the carrier you want to have, but about finding something that will work for you.

With any sling or carrier, don’t forget the TICKS – Tight as a bandage, In view at all times, Close enough to kiss, Keep the chin off the chest, Supported back.

It's about carrying, not carriers.
It’s about carrying, not carriers.


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