NEW Oscha Bairn Carrier

We are lucky to have one of the first of the new Oscha Bairn carriers at WYSL – launching this month, the Bairn is a soft buckle carrier with all the good looks you’d expect from Oscha. Designed for simplicity and adjustability, the Bairn is aimed at families new to carrying or who just want something quick, easy and effective – without compromising on ethics or appearance.

Why do we like it?

The new Bairn is a soft structured carrier, with an adjustable seat, crossable back straps and semi-structured waistband. The adjustable seat width allows the carrier to be used from newborn (7lb/3.2kg+) without inserts or fuss. The wrap fabric of the panel moulds around the carried baby very well whilst also feeling light and supportive. The shoulder straps are well sewn and strong, with blue webbing to match the body panel.

As babies grow, the adjustable base gets wider, and the panel taller – allowing for front and back carries to at least 2 years (45lb/20kg upper weight limit). The carrier comes with an attachable chest strap for carrying on the back.

The Bairn has a large sleephood with generous reach straps, meaning good head support and shade even for older children in a back carry.

This new Oscha carrier is made from their ethically sourced and beautiful fabrics woven in Scotland. But it is definitely not form over function – at its most basic, this is a simple but clever carrier. It just happens to look wonderful.


Things to think about …

The soft waistband allows the carrier seat to fit naturally from the back of the knee to the back of the knee, narrower for younger and smaller infants, and wider as they grow. The carrier doesn’t have a fastening to facilitate this, rather the waistband sits inside a sheath of fabric. Some of our testers noted that older toddlers or babies straightening their legs could push the carrier into a narrower base.

The shoulder straps have a very square edging which took careful adjustment to feel comfortable under adults arms in a back carry – especially if the adult is petite.


Top Tips

Rolling the waistband over and placing it higher on your body gives a good, high newborn carrier – shortening the panel for a younger baby and bringing the soft waistband high on the adult – an especially good fitting for postnatal women.

Adding the detachable chest strap means the carrier could be used with crossed straps or in reverse rucksack style, giving fitting options for all frames and preferences.

Strap tidies keep the look sleek and stylish.

Use the hood one sided to give support for the head whilst keeping the baby visible and kissable.


The Oscha Bairn will launch in July 2019 – and be available for hire at WYSL in late July. See

Would you like to try the Oscha Bairn? Come in to any of our drop in sessions, try it on and see what you think!

Changes to May sessions

We have a few changes to our schedule keeping us running around the May bank holidays.

The HORSFORTH session which would have fallen on the Mayday bank holiday (6th May) will now run on the Thursday of the same week (9th May) 12-2.30pm.

The FARSLEY session which was due to run on Wednesday 29th May will run on Wednesday 5th June instead 10.30-2pm.

The WAKEFIELD session which was due to run on Friday 31st May will not run – visits to WAKEFIELD will be 3rd and 17th May, followed by the 14th and 28th June.

If you need to confirm any of our sessions, or would like to check with us about your carrier hire, just email us on


Ossett Drop In sessions, change of day and time.

We have had to change the dates and times of our session at PlayStation Ossett to fit in with the needs of the venue. We will now run there every four weeks on a Tuesday morning for drop in advice, carrier hire and help.

if you have a carrier due back at either of the cancelled sessions we will be in touch to arrange a suitable return date and time with you.


Garforth Sessions, change of weekday

To avoid our Garforth sessions clashing with our Wakefield days, we have moved our visit to Garforth onto Tuesday mornings. We have already run this at the end of 2018 and our first in 2019 is scheduled to be run Tuesday 15th Jan between 10am and 1pm. Free to attend and all welcome, as usual!

we knew when we change days we can have some ‘hangover’ hire periods with longer term hires or renewals. We try our best to get the word out, but if your carrier is due back and you aren’t sure where or when to return, please email us on



New Venue – Armley!

The lovely folks at Kirkstall children’s centre have asked us to visit Armley as well, so we are headed for the new venue once every four weeks for our free to attend Drop in session. The new venue will host us 10-12am on a Tuesday morning and repeat every four weeks.

Our first visit to Armley will be on Tuesday 29th May at the Little Owls venue on Chapel Lane, Armley.

Good news for those who attend the Kirkstall session too – their popular stay and play event will be running at the same time as our drop in session, so lots of great toys, little ones to play with and other families for a chat as well as carrying advice and hire.


Closed due to Severe Weather Warning


If your carrier return is affected by this closure please contact us as soon as you can. These are the options we are offering for your carrier return, but you need to let us know the option you select.

A simple, standard four week renewal. This is the easiest option for most people and it’s best if you either wanted to hold on to the carrier for a bit longer OR you want to come in and swap the carrier for something else soon. We are happy to do swaps for you are any point during your hire so renewing then swapping when the weather improves is a good options for most people. To renew just let us know and we will process it online for you. It has the advantage of keeping the carrier return session at the same venue for you.

RETURN (next available date) –
For carriers due back at Stanley 2nd March, we can extend to our drop in session at Ossett on Monday 5th March when the weather warning has been lifted.
For carriers due back at Pudsey on 2nd March, we can extend to our drop in session at Farsley on Wednesday 7th March.
For carriers due back at Farsley on 3rd March, we can extend to our drop in session at Farsley on 7th March, or our substitute sling Saturday session now running sat 10th March. Please let us know which so we can plan our stock for the coming week.


We are happy to receive returns at the sling library house Farsley out of hours, or to accept postal returns to 55 Thornfield Avenue Farsley Leeds LS285HJ. Whilst we don’t mind at all you using these options we’d urge you not to make a special journey and to remain safe when heading out.

I hope you understand the reasons we have had to close this time. Stay warm and safe everyone!

Change of Venue – Outwood to Stanley

5E27260A-4105-4022-9B90-8C27465A1F53We are sorry to lose the Sun Inn, Outwood as one of our drop in venues. As is often the case when our venues change, this has been a sudden switch, and outside of our control. We’d like to thank the Sun Inn for hosting us over the years.

We are running our new drop in session at The Stanley Ferry, Ferry Lane, Stanley WF3 4LT. We will be using the party area inside the Wacky Warehouse section of the pub. Entry is free for adults and children under 12 months. Older children can stay and play for £2.25 during term time. Refreshments are available to purchase.

Please click this link to access directions to the venue.

We will be running at this new venue every fortnight on a Friday between 10am and noon. This begins on Friday 19th January and will repeat on Friday 2nd February, Friday 16th February, Friday 2nd March and on from there.

If your hire is due back at a session which has changed we will try our best to contact you individually. Do contact us  on with any questions about the changes to our sessions.