NEW Ergobaby Embrace Carrier

Ergobaby is a well known name in sling and carrier world, one of the relatively few brands you can buy in the UK on the high street. A new carrier from them is a big deal and out of all their carrier range, this one is the most different from their original Ergobaby design.


Aimed at the newborn and young baby stage, the embrace is soft, folds down small, and has stretchy straps that wrap around your shoulder. It is simple to use, with a built in padded headrest, and it looks stylish. The Embrace can be used with babies from 7lb in weight and has two height settings for newborns then for older babies.


The embrace crosses over on your back in a large X shape, the only Ergobaby carrier to offer this as a default. The stretch of the carrier means the fit is very adjustable and comfortable to wear – but like all stretchy carriers, care has to be taken as babies grow heavier and more active. The Embrace can be used in two carry positions, facing in or facing out when babies are five months plus. It retails for approximately £80, which is cheaper than the other buckle carriers in the Ergobaby range, although it will not offer the same span of use.


Why we like it –

Well made and with the Ergobaby 10 year guarantee, the embrace is a lovely choice for little babies.

It folds down small, feels soft and is comfortable in the shoulder.

It is nice to see manufacturers focusing on the newborn stage and releasing carrier specifically designed to excel in what many call the fourth trimester. Traditionally newborn carriers have been a neglected area with too many brands concentrating on longevity of the carriers, with the newborn fit a compromise, with extra accessories or inserts needed for use at this vital stage.


Things to think about-

The Embrace has a relatively low weight limit (25lb/11.3kg) but most families are unlikely to use it even to that weight because of the stretch in the straps.

We have yet to try out the length of the straps with parents who are very petite.

Two height fittings for the carrier can mean babies have an in-between stage, too tall for one but too small for the other. Clever fitting advice is needed to avoid this.

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