Directions to the new library address – 55 Thornfield Avenue Farsley.

The new library address is 55 Thornfield Avenue, Farsley.

SAT NAV USERS – The best postcode to use is LS28 5HL which will allow your Sat Nav to bring you up Farfield Avenue, which is far easier to get to, with much better parking, and much easier to get out of than the narrow cul-de-sac of Thornfield Avenue. 

The house is actually on the junction of Farfield Avenue and Farfield Drive, next to the parade of shops and opposite the excellent conker trees. It is advised that you approach from this direction, as parking is free and plentiful around the parade of shops – and enter through the back gate (on the curve of Farfield Drive) side gate (on Farfield Avenue) or walk through the very short ginnel (snicket/passageway) and come in via the front garden gate. Access via Thornfield Avenue itself is confusing, but if you do find yourself approaching along the cul-de-sac,  follow the road to its end and you will notice a short ginnel (snicket/passageway) right in front of you through to Farfield Avenue – the house is the last on the street and to the left of this.

At the moment there are plenty of improvements to be made to the access, garden and house, we ask for your patience as it could be a long project.

The library phone number will not change so to contact us please call 0113 2100855.

From the original sling library address:

come out of the gate and turn right.

Turn right down Cotefields Avenue.

Turn left down Farfield Drive.

Bear right around the central grassy area opposite the shops.

When you reach the junction with the straight bit of Farfield Drive, the house is on your right, on the corner.

Please use the new wooden gate to access (has steps behind) – or the side gate on Farfield Avenue, which has no steps.

From Farsley Town Street

Turn up Croft Street, between the Co-Op and Homebuyers shops. Continue up Farfield Avenue until you see a green area to your left and shops to your right.

Standing with your back to the shops, look to the left, the house is across the road on the corner where the road leaves Farfield Avenue and curves around the trees and grassy area to Farfield Drive.

Please use the back wooden gate (next to the sign which says Farfield Avenue 21-41) or the double side gate on Farfield Avenue if you struggle with steps.


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