A Right Royal Giveaway

“Nominate someone, and I will give away a carrier. It could be a stretchy wrap, a mei tai, a pouch or soft structured carrier, depending on need. Put someone on the path to carrying, give a parent their hands back.”

To celebrate the birth of the royal baby, I’d like to give a gift. Someone out there has a new or expected baby who will have none of the benefits the newest prince will enjoy. So instead of sending to the royals, I’d like to give something to someone who really needs it. 

A new package can be great fun

Do you have someone in mind? Is there someone out there you know is struggling, someone who will benefit from their hands free and closeness with their baby? It might be someone who would struggle with carrier purchase, someone carrying a rainbow baby, someone needing their hands free for older children, someone who might never have thought carrying could work for them but would give it a go.

Nominate someone, and I will give away a carrier. It might not be new, it might not be shiny but it will be clean and safe and do its job. It will certainly have carried many happy little souls before they get it. If they are local, I will give them my time and show them how to use it face to face. If they are further afield, I can help remotely through video and email

What carrier will it be? It will be something I have added to the library from my own pocket.  It could be a stretchy wrap, a mei tai, a pouch or soft structured carrier, depending on what the eventual winners needs are. We all know one size does not fit all.


If you know someone you would like to give this gift to, you can nominate someone by sending an email to airetauriel@yahoo.co.uk listing your name and email, and the name of your nominee.

You can also enter by liking and commenting on the competition post on the Facebook page, see the widget to the right or visit The West Yorkshire Sling Library on Facebook.

The random draw will not be made until Wednesday, July 31st 2013 at 9pm, so there is plenty of time to add your nomination – help out your nearest and dearest or someone you’ve always admired and put them on the path to carrying. When the winner is chosen you will be able to break the news to them yourself, if you desire, and put us in touch – please note you will need to have contact details for your nominee but I will not ask you to share them with me.

Now that’s something to celebrate!

Please note carrier selection will be decided by WYSL in co-operation with the winner from a pre-decided range. Postage costs if applicable will be covered by WYSL (2nd class standard post) One entry per person, one nominee per person please. Any multiple entries will be discarded.

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