We’re moving house!

The West Yorkshire Sling Library is moving!

Anyone who has been into the library recently will know of our plans to move – they are finally coming to fruition and the Sling Library will be moving house on Friday, July 26th, all being well.

What does this mean for the library services?

We are trying to continue library services as seamlessly as possible during the changeover. Thankfully the new address is merely around the corner from the original one – a 2-3 minute walk – so visiting the new library will not require a major detour. The new residents of the original address are relatives, so luckily we have no problem attaching a redirect sign or accommodating simple returns to the old address should that be required.

The free drop-in session of Wednesday, July 24th will take place at 19 Cote Lane, Farsley, Leeds, LS28 5ED as usual (though with extra boxes!)– 10-3pm.

The Sling Social of Friday, July 26th will take place as usual – yes, this is the very day of our move, so I may look a little harassed, but please bear with me! Pudsey Wellbeing Centre, first floor, 12-2.30pm. We are now in school holidays – older children are more than welcome to come along to all library sessions.

The free drop-in session of Wednesday, July 31st and onward will take place at the NEW ADDRESS, which will follow as soon as it is ours to share. The good news is we will have more space, and much easier parking. The less good is that we have a lot we would like to change at our new property, so we hope visitors can bear with us whilst the works are done. Priority will be given to the space we use for the library to ensure it is workable but we cannot promise to be baby-proof. Again, older children are welcome.

Please check back here or on the Facebook page for address details and directions before you travel to any of our services in the next few weeks.

In the long term, we hope re-jig the library services to make them more easily accessible for all – any feedback on this would be appreciated.  We hope to create a special library space which should work better for everyone. This will be a project for 2014 once we have settled in to our new home.

The library will be off-line and unavailable very briefly for the weekend following the 26th. Please bear with us for enquiries made during that time, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

If you have any questions or problems regarding the move or your rental or return, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me on 0113 2100855 – the sling hotline phone number will remain the same!

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