The West Yorkshire Sling Library is changing…

The library has grown quickly, amazingly so. From a few left over carriers to the vast collection of today in a couple of short months. Today the library received its 75th carrier, and all are available to the parents of West Yorkshire and surrounding areas to help them meet their childrens’ needs in comfort and style.

So I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has visited the library, or supported the library, so far. I’d also like to thank our wonderful library supporters who make finding a carrier to buy easy and simple, with many offering a discount to library customers as well as quality advice and service.

Because the library has grown so fast, our policies, terms and conditions, and so on, have had to grow with us. From tomorrow (5th August 2011) all new policies will come into force and the library should run with more ease and accessibility, allowing more options for everyone.

From tomorrow, there will be three ways to access the library – via consultation, recommendation appointment and drop in sessions. You can browse the library online for up to date information on the carriers that are available. Consultations and consultation packages are available from as little as £3.25 per hour to help you with all aspects of carrying, or to buy as a gift. The library is now available to come into baby and toddler groups near you, or for consultations in your own home.

Rental options are changing too. Now we have two ways to rent – either fortnightly or four weekly. Prices will change too, but give more flexibility, allowing more carriers to be available more of the time, and for you to choose the rental period to suit you.

So please – come in and have a look at the new site. Read around the place. Look at the carriers. Count them. Be a part of one of the biggest sling libraries in the country, with some of the most beautiful carriers around. Join in and tell us what you think!

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