Library Policies

The library policies are set up in line with our knowledge and training in baby carrying, as well as  restrictions on the library by third parties.

  • The library will not rent or facilitate the use of any baby carrier we believe to be dangerous, that has been subject to recall in any country, or that has been produced by counterfeiting.
  • The library promotes optimal physiological positioning in baby carriers, including optimal support for an infant’s hips, spine and neck. When a carrier does not meet these optimum conditions, whether as an inherent feature of the carrier or as a feature of a certain position, we will advise an alternative.
  • We operate within manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for use.
  • We are fully insured for carrier rental and operate in line with the terms and conditions of our insurance.

Please see Sling Guide’s Warning about Bag Style Slings,  About Facing Out and Mass Produced Carriers articles for further information.

  • The library cannot give breastfeeding, parenting or infant health advice. I am not trained in this area, but can refer you to somebody who is should you wish.
  • The library asks that in cases of injury or ill health of you, the carrier, or your baby, the carried, you consult your doctor before attempting baby carrying.
  • The library asks that before attempting back carries with your baby you are confident with the carrier you wish to use for this. This may mean using it on the front for a number of weeks beforehand to gain practice. Please be patient, it is not something that can be rushed.
  • When visiting the library, you are responsible for your own child(ren) and your belongings at all times. The WYSL cannot be held responsible for anything that happens to any vehicles and you park at your own risk.
  • The WYSL cannot be held responsible for any accident resulting in injury or death occuring whilst learning to use or using a baby carrier in the library or whilst rented.
  • The WYSL does not pass your data on to any third parties and all deposit cheques are destroyed after the carrier is returned.

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