Well, it’s getting exciting round these parts!

Not only do I have some possible interest from local baby shops (more information will follow in coming months, watch this space), I am booked in to complete the Advanced Trageschule course next month with Anne McEwan of Trageschule UK. I am hoping that the advanced course will consolidate my knowledge of the scientifically proven benefits to baby carrying, and give me the opportunity to work on my face to face consultation techniques. I already have a nice long list of preparatory work to do.

I’ve already been teaching carrying for a long time, four years now. I have been mostly self taught, and learned a huge amount through experience, but I have enjoyed becoming official through Trageschule. Here I am in 2008.

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I have also been asked to become a guest blogger on Natural Mamas forums, and am hopefully going to be relating some fun carrying anecdotes there.

Best of all, more news on the library expansion – two more Bondolinos, a Patapum and a Vatanai short wrap are on their way to the library. I hope to break the 70 carriers mark before this site launches on August 1st!

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