Work in Progress

The library site is a work in progress but hopefully you’ll agree there is a fair amount of information here now.

The library is open tomorrow from 10-3.30pm. Has to be 3.30pm as I’m invited to go and meet my daughter’s reception teacher for next year.

Many more carriers are on their way to the library right now, including a Storchenwiege wrap, a Beco soft structured carrier, a Patapum soft structured carrier, a Hop-Tye mei tai and a new petrol Manduca to add to our brown butterflies.

Congratulations to our winner Helen Jonah who has a pair of rainbow babylegs on the way to her after winning our Facebook competition. For your chance to win in future competitions, make your way over to the WYSL facebook page and click ‘like’.

The library will be open throughout the school holidays, which means I will have my little sling apprentice here to help. Here she is showing her sling skills.

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