Carrier instructions

Here are all the links you need to all carrying instructions and safety guidelines. listed in alphabetical order. Please ensure you have familiarised yourself with the official instructions before using the carrier, and heed all safety advice. If you are unsure of any carrying method or have any concerns about safety please discontinue use and contact the library as soon as possible.

For many carriers the instructions will be the same or very similar, as different brands of the same type of carrier. It is often worth looking through similar instructions for hints and tips. Sometimes where brand-specific instructions are not available carrier-specific instructions are substituted.

Action Baby Carrier

Angelpack LX

Babyhawk/Toddlerhawk Mei Tai

Babyhawk Oh Snap!

Beco Gemini

Bondolino by Hoppediz

Connecta/Connecta Integra

Daisy Chain Mei Tai


Hoppediz Ring Sling

Hop-tye by Hoppediz

Hotslings Pouch

Manduca by Wickelkinder

Moby Wrap

Opitai/Softai half buckles

Patapum Baby

Rose and Rebellion Baby and Toddler Carrier

Storchenwiege Ring Sling

Storchenwiege Woven Wrap

Yamo Baby Carrier

Wompat by Liinalapsi

Zanytoes Ring Sling


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