Change of Venue – Horsforth 25th Oct

Due to the sudden and unexpected closure of the Tiny Toes venue, we are unable to run the drop in session in that location tomorrow 25th Otocber. We have been able to change our venue to Horsforth Childrens Centre 11 North Broadgate Lane Horsforth LS18 5AF The run time is unaffected, running 10.30am-2pm. The gatesContinue reading “Change of Venue – Horsforth 25th Oct”

Change of Venue Alert – Moortown

PLEASE READ THIS MESSAGE Moortown Junktion cafe has closed today with immediate effect leaving us without a venue for tomorrow’s session. After two hours of frantic phoning we are happy to say we will be able to run the session at a local church. Venue changes can be tough to manage so we have madeContinue reading “Change of Venue Alert – Moortown”

Carrying in Special Circumstances – The Ergobaby Adapt

When I work with parents with special circumstances, it helps our community to share carrying solutions that work. Recently I worked with a visually impaired family and the carrier which was selected was the Ergobaby Adapt. It has several features which made it work very well for parents without sight or with visual impairments. TheContinue reading “Carrying in Special Circumstances – The Ergobaby Adapt”