Closed due to Severe Weather Warning


If your carrier return is affected by this closure please contact us as soon as you can. These are the options we are offering for your carrier return, but you need to let us know the option you select.

A simple, standard four week renewal. This is the easiest option for most people and it’s best if you either wanted to hold on to the carrier for a bit longer OR you want to come in and swap the carrier for something else soon. We are happy to do swaps for you are any point during your hire so renewing then swapping when the weather improves is a good options for most people. To renew just let us know and we will process it online for you. It has the advantage of keeping the carrier return session at the same venue for you.

RETURN (next available date) –
For carriers due back at Stanley 2nd March, we can extend to our drop in session at Ossett on Monday 5th March when the weather warning has been lifted.
For carriers due back at Pudsey on 2nd March, we can extend to our drop in session at Farsley on Wednesday 7th March.
For carriers due back at Farsley on 3rd March, we can extend to our drop in session at Farsley on 7th March, or our substitute sling Saturday session now running sat 10th March. Please let us know which so we can plan our stock for the coming week.


We are happy to receive returns at the sling library house Farsley out of hours, or to accept postal returns to 55 Thornfield Avenue Farsley Leeds LS285HJ. Whilst we don’t mind at all you using these options we’d urge you not to make a special journey and to remain safe when heading out.

I hope you understand the reasons we have had to close this time. Stay warm and safe everyone!

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