Some lovely new arrivals!

We try to keep the library stock up to date and like to try new brands and carriers, and we have a few lovely new things to add to the catalogue.

Here are two of the fabulous MADAME GOOGOO carriers, both great for bigger babies and toddlers. They are a very funky example of the soft structured carrier, combining exciting prints with colourful straps – each one unique. They are available to order in several panel sizes. They work well front and back, and have customisable features – here we have the magical forest with a flat hood and petite straps, and the Russian dolls with a sweatshirt hood and regular straps. MADAME GOOGOO have many carrier options available to buy and retail at around £100. Many thanks to MADAME  GOOGOO – Gorgeous!


Another splash of colour in the soft structured carrier box, this is a Sleepy Nico buckle carrier – soft, lightweight, and great for babies and toddlers 3-4 months and up, for front or back carries. This one is ‘Little Houses’ print – it reminds me of Hebden Bridge with all the houses stacked on top of one another, so it was fitting for it to have a home in West Yorkshire. This carrier is available off the peg or as a custom carrier, and retails at around £70-75. This one has soft purple baby cord straps, a flat sleephood and a three piece soft structured waistband, it is a really lovely carrier – Thankyou Sleepy Nico!


A last addition is fitting for the blustery autumn weather – we decided to try a Bundle Bean carrier cover – these can be used over any type of carrier and on the front or on the back, and also as a buggy cosy toes or car seat cover. A simple Velcro design with hand snug, they are fleecy on the inside and showerproof on the outside!


All of our new additions are available for try on or hire at any of our drop in sessions – next sessions are Weds 29th Oct 10-3pm in Farsley and Friday 31st Oct 12-2.3m in Pudsey!

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