This is a reminder that WYSL is closed for the week, until June 3rd.


THE SLING SOCIAL OF 31/5/13 will take place without the library, as a baby group/sling meet. Some members of Leeds Sling Meet will be helping out. Do feel free to drop in and say hello, but rentals, returns, swaps and library services will not be available.

If you have a question about a carrier than you have out on loan, or an enquiry about the library, a message service is available through 0113 2100855, or you can use the Contact Us page, and I will get back to you when the library re-opens. All carrier rental terms have been extended for free to cover the closure.

Our next drop-in session will take place on June 5th, 10-3pm, and our next Sling Social will run as usual on June 14th 12-2.30pm.

I do apologise if this causes you any inconvenience. Have a wonderful half-term.


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