And a word from our supporters…

Two new carriers have arrived in the library with the addition of two new library supporters. I am proud to have the backing of some of the best and most knowledgable online carrier businesses there are and these two are no exception.

Slingjax sold me one of my first ever carriers and it arrived within 18 hours of ordering, I am happy to announce that they will be offering a discount to all WYSL customers from now on. To celebrate, they have generously donated a Napsack Baby mei tai in one of their newest and most beautiful prints, and it has already gone to a new temporary home out of the library today!


The WYSL is also happy to welcome a brand new Sleepy Wrap Classic in brown, courtesy of Slumber-roo. Slumber-roo have been working hard to create a carrier store and library locator on their website, which should be a great resource to parents looking to source slings and carriers in the future, both locally and online.


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