Terms and Conditions

The West Yorkshire Sling Library Terms and Conditions:

Section 1 – Signing Up for Rental

A) The sling library operates an online inventory site. An initial sign up must be completed before you are permitted to remove a carrier from the sling library collection. To sign up you must provide your full name, postal address, a confirmed email address and telephone number. When you sign up, a copy of these terms and conditions will be emailed to you for you to keep. In removing carriers from the library you agree to abide fully by these terms and conditions at all times.

B) Your personal details will be kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, and will only be used to contact you in relation to your library loan.

C) The hirer undertakes to keep their personal details up to date on the inventory site and not let the details become out of date.

Section 2 – Carrier Safety and Liability

A) The renter must read all safety, use and care instructions provided prior to using the carrier. Carriers must only be used in accordance with the manufacturers instructions given. All carriers are extremely safe when used properly, however misuse can cause injury to yourself or child. It is your responsibility to ensure that you and anyone else using the carrier are using the carrier correctly and that your child/ren is safe at all times. The West Yorkshire Sling Library cannot be held responsible for any accident that results in injury or death whilst the carrier is in your care. If you are unsure about anything you read in the instructions, are not sure what you’re doing or are at all concerned, please ask us. We can point you in the direction of lots of helpful sites to give you tips to make sure you’re getting the best out of the carrier and using it safely.

Section 3 – Rental Cost and Duration

The standard rental period is FOUR weeks. The minimum hire period is TWO weeks.

Our standard rental tariff is £10.00 per four week period.
Our short rental tariff is £6.00 per two week period.
The minimum cost of any hire is £6.00.
Additional weeks are available at a standard cost of £3.00 per week or part thereof.
Single weeks are only available as an add on to a longer hire.

Section 4 – Condition of the Carrier

A) All carriers are checked before lending to ensure that they are in good condition and working order. The borrower may check the condition of the carrier prior to the start of the loan. It is the renters responsibility to check over the carrier before every use. Check all buckles, hems and seams ensuring that there are no tears, breaks, cracks or holes. If any damage is discovered, please stop using the carrier immediately and contact us.

B) We cannot guarantee that there are no marks or hairs on the carriers we lend. Carriers are spot-cleaned and only laundered if necessary as freshly washed carriers will not be as soft or flexible as those that are not. If you would prefer to use a freshly laundered carrier please request this before you borrow. We cannot guarantee that there are no animal hairs on our carriers, but we ask that all carriers are kept away from pets to mimimise this possibility. If you are very allergic to animal hairs, please request that the carrier be laundered before you borrow it to help reduce any potential reaction. Please be aware when visiting the library home address that we own a dog, who is always secured out of sight and access when the library is open.

C) Under no circumstances is it permitted to smoke whilst using the carrier, or in its immediate vicinity. The renter will keep the carrier away from other environmental hazards

Section 5 – Returning the Carrier

A) It is entirely the hirers responsibility to monitor the carrier return date and ensure that the carrier is returned to sling library open session or sling library premises 55 Thornfield Avenue Farsley Leeds LS285HJ ON or BEFORE that date. The return date will be emailed by the WYSL system to the hirer at point of hire and is available for viewing on that system using the hirers personal login details.

B) The carrier may be returned by post at your own cost and risk (we advise that you use Recorded or Special Delivery and retain proof of postage). Please ensure you allow sufficient time for the carrier to arrive by its return due date. Please ensure that the carrier, instructions and any accessories are packaged appropriately – we prefer that you ‘double-bag’ the carrier and write both addresses on both layers.

C) If you are unable to return your carrier by the agreed date due to Library staff illness or holidays, we will extend your loan period for free and agree a new returns due date with you.

D) The carrier is not considered returned until it has been confirmed by email on the WYSL system. At sessions this will usually be done in front of you. For postal or other returns we aim to confirm within 24 hours. If you do not receive confirmation of return please get in touch as soon as possible or further fees may fall due.

E) Any renter that fails to return the carrier within 8 weeks of its expected return date will be billed for the full RRP of the carrier plus all outstanding rental fees for the period.

F) Failure to return or replace the carrier will be treated as theft.

Section 6 – Carriers Past Due

A) All carriers that fall past due will be AUTOMATICALLY RENEWED ON THE WEEKLY HIRE RATE of £3.00 per week or part thereof until they are renewed on another tariff or returned as detailed above. This can be reduced or waived at our discretion.

B) Included in the rental cost is ongoing support via phone and email, access to drop-in sessions each week at various venues, and Sling Social sessions fortnightly.

Section 7 – Carriers Damaged, Lost or Missing

A) Carriers lost or missing during the hire period or any renewal or automatic extension period as detailed above will be paid for by the hirer at full RRP (recommended retail price) for the carrier lost plus any outstanding rental fees up to the date the hirer notifies WYSL of the loss.

B) Carriers that are damaged during the hire period or any renewal or automatic extension will be assessed on an individual basis but WYSL reserves the right to charge either the full RRP of the carrier OR cost of repair to a standard accepted suitable for rehire. This includes but is not limited to covering the costs of replacement industry standard buckles, lost hoods or accessories, or sending the carrier for repair by the manufacturer (including covering postage costs incurred in the carrier repair).

C) The definition of damage includes abnormal stains or marks above what might be expected from normal wear and tear (for example, posset or mud are expected, bleach or biro are not)

D) The assessment of damage and whether the carrier is suitable for repair or needs replacement is always carried out by a representative of WYSL and the hirer will accept this judgment.

Section 8 – General

A) All loans and services are subject to availability and our discretion. Carrier availability and reservations cannot be guaranteed.

B) all terms and conditions apply from 15/07/2015

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