Full Catalogue

This is the Master List of WYSL carriers. It is useful for a quick search of the library carriers. The library is constantly changing to meet the needs of its users, and we offer unlimited free swaps with any rental. Unfortunately due to this we cannot guarantee availability on any given day so please call before travelling to avoid disappointment. When carriers become popular we try to add to the collection. If there is anything specific you would like to see that is not listed here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and see if we can add your selection to the library.  If you wish to see product details, please click the Browse the Library tab above for types, pictures and details.

Full Buckle Carriers

Action Baby Carrier Brown/teal dots

Action Baby Carrier Toddler brown/blue flowers

Baby Bjorn classic – Baby Bjorn Classic

Baby Bjorn One

Beco Gemini Luca Black – Beco Gemini Lucas Cream – Beco Gemini River Espresso – Beco Gemini Ellie – Beco Gemini yellow

Beco Soleil Luca Black – Beco Soleil Micah Espresso – Beco Soleil Black – Beco Soleil Enzo Grey

Boba Air Black

Boba 3G Glacier – Boba 3G Lila – Boba 3G Tweet – Boba 3G Kangaroo

Boba 4G Espresso – Boba 4G Dusk – Boba 4G black

Connecta Baby Carrier Aubergine Cord

Connecta Integra Antelope – Connecta Integra Antelope – Connecta Integra Black – Connecta Integra Birds of Norway – Connecta Integra Blossom – Connecta Integra Carnival – Connecta Integra Patti Paisley – Connecta Integra Pink Daisy Dreams – Connecta Integra Wrap Conversion – Connecta Integra Jolly Meadow – Connecta Integra Harris Tweed – Connecta Integra Natural Mamas wrap conversion – Connecta Integra Lacework – Connecta Integra Snug

Connecta Toddler – Ironworks – Connecta Toddler Swallows (petite straps) – Connecta Toddler Robots

Emeibaby Antigua

Ergo Original Black/Camel – Ergo Original Black/Camel

Ergo Organic Petunia Picklebottom

Ergo Performance Lime

Ergo Sport Black

Lillebaby Airflow

Lillebaby Black

Lillebaby Organic  navy

Lillebaby birds – Lillebaby daisies

MADAME GOOGOO – toddler size – Russian Dolls – Magic Forest

Manduca Black – Manduca Navy – Manduca Tester 1 – Manduca Tester 2 – Manduca Tester 3 – Manduca Red

Olives and Applesauce orange owls – Olives and Applesauce green butterflies

Patapum Baby – Navy

Patapum Toddler – Red

Pognae Elephants – Pognae Navy

Rose and Rebellion Animal Crackers – Rose and Rebellion Marley

Sleepy Nico Little Houses

Snugiwraps Riding Hood

Tula baby bikes – Tula toddler cranes

Wompat Forest Berries (M) – Wompat Rainbow (S)

Hybrid/Velcro/Half Buckle Carriers

Bondolino Black/cream – Bondolino Black/red – Bondolino Gecko – Bondolino Olive – Bondolino Brown – Bondolino Red/black

Marsupi Plus navy ‘L’

Storchenwiege Baby Carrier Graphite – Storchenwiege baby carrier Red stripes

Scootababy Camouflage – Scootababy Green Cord – Scootababy red

Mei Tai Style Carriers

Babyhawk brown – Babyhawk black bird/retro (reversible)

Girasol Mysol Colorado

Hop-tye Chicago – Hop-tye Kapstadt – Hop-tye blue stars

Kozy carrier countryside

Melkaj Mei Tai

Napsack Baby black – Napsack baby blue paisley

Neobulle Evolobulle dusky pink

Nurslings Hemp Tai Choco Dots – Nurslings Hemp Tai Curly Girl

Ocah Apples

Sachi blue batik mei tai


Brightsparkslings grey fleece pouch size 4

Hotslings size 2 blue – Hotslings Size 2 black/white – Hotslings size 2 stripe – Hotslings size 4 blue – Hotslings size 4 brown

Melkaj pouch size 1 brown/red

Ring Slings

Hoppediz Lima

Je Porte Mon Bebe ‘Little sling without a knot’

Lenny Lamb Ring Sling Blueberry

SBP black linen – SBP Didymos Colourgrown Waves – SBP Girasol Earthy Rainbow

Storchenwiege Leo Marine – Storchenwiege Leo Schwarz

Zanytoes Lord of the Ring Slings

Stretchy Wrap Carriers

Boba Wrap Navy – Boba Wrap Orange – Boba Wrap Olive

Hana Baby Wrap Purple

Joy and Joe purple

JPMBB Basic Nearly Black

Je Porte Mon Bebe orange/taupe – Je Porte Mon Bebe black/plum

Moby Black – Moby Black – Moby Butterfly – Moby Forest – Moby Leaves – Moby Moss – Moby Navy – Moby Ocean – Moby Red

Moby D Balance

Sa-be Baby wrap brown/red – Sa-be baby wrap polka dot

Sleepy Wrap (Boba Wrap) brown

Snugiwraps Teal – Turquoise – Purple

Wrapsody Aphrodite

Stretchy Wrap Concept Carriers

Caboo (Close) Charcoal – Caboo (Close) Charcoal – Caboo (Close) Olive – Caboo (Close) Pistachio – Caboo (Close) Red

Caboo DX Black/red

Papoozle Black – Papoozle Black – Papoozle green stars

Woven Wrap Carriers

Bebina 2

Calin Bleu Gauze Summer Lavender 6

Didymos Avocado Waves 4 – Didymos Holunder Waves 6 – Didymos Jan 3 – Didymos Jim 5 – Didymos Stendhal 6

Easycare Rainbow 6 – Easycare Muted 2 – Easycare Muted 6

Ellevill Organica Olai 6

Fil’Up mesh wrap

Girasol Earthy Rainbow 6

Hoppediz Chicago maxi – Hoppediz Curaçao 6

Miel et Malice cream 6

Natibaby Sunset 6

Oscha Natural Mamas 6

Storchenwiege Inka 7

Miscellaneous Carriers

Baba Sling

Hippychick Hip Seat

Suppori mesh pouch

Demonstration Carriers

Counterfeit Ergo

Damaged Mei Tai

Generic Hip Carrier

Lodger Shelter baby carry wrap

Tomy Freestyle

Premaxx Baby Bag

Carrying Coats 

Customised baby carrying coat teal

Pentelka Front and Back fleece grey

Pentelka Hoodie brown

Carrying Accessories

Assorted accessory straps

Assorted carryhoods


Beco Soleil infant insert

Beco Soleil accessory pack

Beco Carry All

Boba 3G stirrups

Bondolino Extension Belt

Connecta Lumbar Support

Ergo Infant Insert


Sling Rings medium – large

Tula waist extenders

Universal sleephood

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