Our People

The West Yorkshire Sling Library is one of the first of its type, and we are proud to say we’re now one of the biggest sling libraries in the country. We’re independent, we don’t sell any products because we are happy to remain impartial. Most of the helpers at our drop in sessions are trained volunteers, who come to us because they have carried their own children and want to share the experience with others. Most bring their own young children to drop in sessions, and you might find some of our older ones meeting and greeting, or doing some admin in school holidays.

There are many more faces than listed here, some help behind the scenes, in different ways, or occasionally. Some support the library with donations, venues, or discounts. To all who are listed here and all who aren’t, we are very grateful.

Here are some faces you might see when you come to us for sling advice and hire.

NICOLA – Director

The sling library started in Nicola’s living room in 2011. She’d been volunteering locally with slings and carriers for a few years, and amassed a small collection of items bought to take into baby groups and antenatal classes for demonstrations. This became the sling library, and it grew quickly! Nicola completed carrying consultancy training in 2011 and 2016, and has been immersed in the carrier industry for over a decade. She’s gained a huge amount of experience in working with carrying families, and specialises in helping carrying families with disabilities or extra needs.  She also does freelance work in the carrier industry as well as training peer supporters with Born to Carry. She’s the mother of two carried children born in 2006 and 2012.

SHELLY – Consultant

Shelly was one of the sling library’s first volunteers, joining our team as a trained peer supporter in 2015. She is often found facilitating sessions in North and East Leeds, and completed her carrying consultancy training in 2016. Shelly has a great natural instinct for knowing how to help people and is very generous with her time and knowledge. She has one big girl and one little boy, and has carried them both.



LINZI – Consultant

Linzi volunteers at our west Leeds sessions and did her carrying consultancy training in 2016 to add to her Peer Supporter certificate. Linzi offers high quality advice and has an instinctive understanding of parents’ needs. She also volunteers offering breastfeeding support, and is mother to two boys.




KIRSTY – Peer Supporter

Kirsty has been working on bringing sling and carrier services to Wakefield for a long time and is very passionate about helping families to carry. Always welcoming, she is a mother of three girls with a peer support certificate gained in 2016 and helps to facilitate WYSL Wakefield.




HELEN – Peer Supporter

Helen is one of our WYSL Wakefield crew, a devoted mother of two little girls, and has her peer support certificate from Born to Carry.  She has been helping local families to carry, and carrying her own baby, since 2016 and is a key member of the Wakefield team.



CHARLOTTE – Peer Supporter

Charlotte hired some of her first carriers from WYSL and joined us as a volunteer in 2015. She uses her carriers as part of her outdoorsy lifestyle and going adventures with her two young sons. She is a peer supporter with Born to Carry and is usually found helping at Leeds sessions.





TILLIE – Peer Supporter

Tillie has twin girls and a beautiful baby, and has been volunteering her time to help the sling library since 2016. Most often to be found at WYSL Wakefield sessions, she is a peer supporter with Born to Carry.




BOBBIE – Peer Supporter

Bobbie began volunteering with us in 2017 and is most often found at our Ossett drop in. A mother of two, Bobbie came to us carrying her first child and is new carrying her youngest. Bobbie is a peer supporter for Born to Carry.