Fast Track Rental

Fast Track Rental is available at drop in sessions, as a time saving measure  for anyone who prefers just to be able to pick up a recommended, age appropriate carrier or who already knows what they wish to rent. Full support is available with every fast track rental online and on the phone throughout the rental period. All rental carriers can be swapped for another at any drop in session to fine tune your choice.

Please note that we cannot guarantee availability of any specific carrier brand or type at any library session, and that if you select a certain brand that is not available we will suggest and supply an ergonomic age and weight appropriate alternative.

We strongly advise you NOT to use fast track if you or your baby has any specific medical condition that may affect your carrier choice, if your baby was premature or is newborn, or if anyone using the carrier is of an especially large or petite build. We recommend that a fitting and demonstration would be very beneficial for every library visitor.

Fast track rental requires payment in advance, and requires the carrier and safety information pack to be picked up from sling library sessions or home address. Just fill in the form below and we will contact you with full rental and pick up details.














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